Native Ad Blueprints

Build seamless, premium ad experiences your readers will love

LiveIntent Native Ad Blueprints allow you to automate and elevate native ads in email with custom placement design, streamlined workflows, and a host of revenue opportunities.

Positive experiences for your readers

Your newsletters facilitate meaningful connections between you and your readers. Native Ad Blueprints give you the flexibility and control to have your ads align with your branding, keeping reading experiences unobtrusive and engaging.

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Custom Audiences

Your brand, your specs

Design native ads that match your template styling exactly or use subtle differences to highlight the native content within your newsletter.

Cross Device

Responsive for desktop and mobile

LiveIntent’s native ads are responsive based on screen size, ensuring an optimal reading experience – no matter the device.


Privilege your marketing promotions

Serve promotions natively to cross-promote paid subscriptions, offers, or products within your newsletter inventory.

Greater efficiency for your ad operations teams

Gone are the days tinkering with HTML for every native newsletter campaign. Native Ad Blueprints allows for the easy implementation and activation of native ad inventory within newsletter templates. Recapture time and resources to focus on what matters most.

People-Based Audiences on the web
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Streamline native ad operations in email

A one-time tag placement eliminates the need to hardcode native ads into newsletter templates for each campaign.

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Save time and effort

Manage all of your native email inventory through a single platform that dynamically targets, serves, and optimizes at the moment of each email open.

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Real-time targeting and optimization

Enhance campaigns with people-based targeting options, intent and interest-based optimizations, and reporting to measure engagement and success.

Diversified revenue for your business

Custom look-and-feel native ad placements allow you to diversify your existing ad products. Expand your monetization program with native direct and programmatic advertising options.

Custom Audiences
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Set monetization controls

Utilize inventory controls for your native ad placements, such as floors, blocklists, and demand sources.

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Deepen direct partnerships

Arm your direct-sales teams with premium native options in the form of sponsorships and curated inventory deals.

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Boost yield with native exchange demand

Maximize revenue by allowing advertisers to bid on your premium, native email inventory. Accept demand from the LiveIntent roster of premium advertising partners, our DSP partners, or both.

Enable native demand from leading Demand-Side Platform partners

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