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Win back your lapsed customers

Discover how Email Reactivation can help convert your inactive emails into paid customers.
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Email Reactivation

An improved method of reactivation

LiveIntent’s proprietary identity graph and data science are used to score email lists to identify, re-target and reactivate people with the highest likelihood of re-engagement.

Increase ROI

Spend less and drive more revenue by only targeting high-potential lapsed customers.

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Improve deliverability rate

Focus on high-value and validated emails and maintain a healthy sender reputation.

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Grow first-party database

Cultivate your first-party database by activating disengaged emails.

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“We already had a decent email reactivation program running with our CRM agency, Alchemy Worx, but the results were astounding when we partnered with LiveIntent and incorporated their solution into our email reactivation program. Since, we’ve seen a 200% increase in click rate, a 178% increase in revenue, and a 10X improvement in unsubscribes, which has substantially improved our deliverability.”
Jay Hoffstater
President at Dailysale

Build stronger brand loyalty

Email Reactivation lets you quickly and easily activate best-lapsed customers within your CRM database.
Email Reactivation

Reach only high-value customers

Focus only on the customers that have the highest propensity to engage with your brands.

Maintain a pristine email list

Validate your email list by getting rid of spam traps, bots, and other undesirable data.

Improve customer retention

Reconnect by running win-back campaigns, drive repeat purchases, and build brand loyalty.

Getting started is easy

Step 1:

Identify and define dormant users and share the list with LiveIntent.

Step 2:

LiveIntent scores and cleans data to identify high potential people.

Step 3:

Design and deliver your winback message.

Step 4:

Measure and analyze the performance of the campaign.