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Maximize the revenue generated on every email open.

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Create new revenue streams with the only advertising technology platform designed for the email channel.

“LiveIntent's...been a great way for us to see increased yield in the open market and also the ability to build closer connections to our top advertisers with the [Private Marketplaces] functionality.”

Nichole Shaupbach

Meredith, LiveIntent partner since 2010

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Save Time and Effort with Real-Time Ad Serving

Manage all of your email inventory through a single platform that dynamically targets, serves, and optimizes creatives at the moment of email open – not send.

Increase Yield and Ensure Every Impression is Monetized

Allow premium third-party demand partners to bid on your email inventory, generating incremental revenue and powering higher CPMs.

Enable Advanced Revenue-Generating Features

Offer advertising partners innovative features that increase scale and performance, like High-Impact Ad Units, Audience Extension, and Private Marketplaces.

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Maximize revenue while maintaining control over your email inventory and optimizing the reader’s experience.

“Having those controls with LiveIntent to choose exactly what advertisers our customers are seeing is extremely important to us. And I think the tools that LiveIntent provides are huge in helping us do that.”

CJ Hyde

Overstock, LiveIntent partner since 2016

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Balance Relevance with Revenue

Guarantee that certain campaigns reach specific audience segments, or let machine learning technology figure out what will deliver maximum delight and dollars.

Protect Brand Safety and the Bottom Line

Take full control over what kinds of advertisers can access your inventory and how it’s valued with features like Pricing Floors, Creative Approvals, Block Lists, and White Lists.

Create Custom Creative Experiences

Deliver advertising experiences that are impactful, not intrusive, with responsive ad units that dynamically adjust to fit any size creative, device, or template.

Partner with people who understand your goals and know how to get there.

“We saw at least a 50% jump in our eCPM, and we over-paced our year-over-year revenue efforts. And it looks that if we continue to go that way, we are going to continue to grow year-over-year.”

Raymond Baro

Patch, LiveIntent partner since 2011

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Get More Than Just a Platform

While the tech is great, what really makes us special is the dedicated team of email experts that will work with you to design a monetization strategy that fits your goals and audience, from pricing floors to newsletter template design.

Implement Easily and Scale Quickly

Our technology is compatible with every email service provider and requires only a single implementation. Depending upon the size of your email program and team, it’s possible to be up, running, and driving revenue within two weeks of signing on.

Join some of the largest publishers on the planet. Request a free demo today to get started.

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