Identity Solutions

Build stronger connections with addressable audiences everywhere.

Identity Solutions

Identity anchored in first-party data and authenticated by engagement.

Your ability to leverage first-party data to establish and grow relationships with your audience depends on the level of addressability across every touchpoint. Existing identity solutions rely on third-party data and cookie syncs, a one-way flow that saps value through fees and lowers match rates.

Power greater audience addressability everywhere with a next-generation identity graph, built around a people-based set of data that is authenticated daily through organic connections with email newsletters and media across the web.

Audience Graph

Anchored by 250MM+ Verified People

Tap into a scalable, organic data set built around hashed email addresses that are refreshed daily.

Enhanced by 3B Unique Online Identifiers

Discover a higher quality of data linked through behaviors like clicking, browsing, and buying.

Strengthened by 9 Billion Connections

Recognize, inform and activate your audiences everywhere, even when cookies don’t work.

Power precision targeting, derive deeper insights, and scale marketing efficiencies and revenue.

More confidently identify the people interacting with your brand, tie new and historical data to those people, and reveal new opportunities to drive revenue by anchoring identity in first-party data instead of third-party cookies.

Audience Resolution

Site Visitor Resolution

Identify customers and prospects when they visit your website on any of their devices, regardless of the traffic source.

Marketing Touchpoint Intelligence

Amplify your understanding of where to engage audiences across a fragmented landscape and expand the reach of your first-party data.

People-Based Audiences

Curate and activate custom audiences everywhere to maximize ROAS and improve marketing efficiency, even in cookie-challenged browsers.

Partner with people who understand your goals and know how to get there.

We understand that your data and goals are unique to your brand and audience and that one-size-fits-all graphs and pricing just don’t make sense. That’s why our team will work with you to ensure the data and value generated always flows back to you in a way that makes sense for your brand.

LiveIntent Group

Enrich More than Just Data

Partner with our team of customer support and data science specialists to tune your data to your unique audience and goals. We work with you to ensure the data you get back is relevant and timely, so you can immediately capitalize on opportunities or insights that will move your business forward.

Get Back More than You Give

Part of our mission is to make certain that any value created through leveraging your data comes back to you. That’s why we’ve built an adjustable pricing model that reflects your level of integration and activation with our solutions, so you can be sure you’re generating a positive return on investment.

Learn how you can increase addressability everywhere you connect with your audience.