Grow your direct sales program in email

Take some of the operational lift off your team and utilize LiveIntent’s ad serving capabilities to more efficiently book, manage, and monitor your direct-sold and house email campaigns.


Email ad serving with LiveIntent

Watch a video to see how LiveIntent’s platform can support you when it comes to planning, scheduling, and trafficking your direct-sold campaign in email.

How it works

Optimize, schedule, and traffic your direct-sold campaigns with ease

  • Forecasting Tool
  • Line Item Overview
  • Coordinated Sponsorship

Increase visibility into the breakdown of your available and booked impressions across your email inventory to better strategize for future campaigns.

Get a quick pulse on all of your past, present, and future line items in one dashboard to easily make adjustments.

Gain more flexibility in how you set up your direct-sold sponsorship campaigns by syncing multiple newsletter ad slots within a given impression and collapsing unrelated ad slots.

“LiveIntent’s new and improved direct-sold tools have been a game changer for us. The Line Item Overview looks fantastic, is very intuitive, and easy to navigate. Overall, it will help isolate specific line items on a program (past and present), and give a quick snapshot of delivery, creatives serving, and other settings.”
Carolyn Rizzo
Manager, Ad Operations, WebMD

Elevate your newsletter brand and generate more revenue

Strengthen your relationships with advertisers who are looking for new ways to reach first-party cookieless audiences within premium content.

Showcase newsletters in your media kit

Sponsors want to reach 1st party audiences and align their brand with premium content. Your newsletter has both. Offer custom inventory, audience packages, and insights that highlight ad engagement within email

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Preserve the reader experience with native ads

Incorporating premium native ads into your newsletters protects your brand and preserves the reader experience. Learn how our Native Ad Blueprints can help.

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Offer more accurate data

LiveIntent only charges for impressions served to real people, not machine opens. Adjusted Metrics such as Impressions, CPM, and CTR give you a stronger sense of how your campaigns are actually performing.

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Create operational efficiency with Google Ad Manager

A simple and familiar workflow for publishers wishing to manage their direct-sold campaigns and line items for all ad units within their email inventory.

Save time and streamline workflow

Scale your campaigns seamlessly into email and monetize your newsletters while easing operational lift for your teams.

Manage all your direct-sold campaigns in one platform

Book, manage, and review inventory and reporting for all your direct-sold campaigns in GAM – including email.

Extend both display and native campaigns into email

Leverage Native Ad Blueprints to run custom native ads through GAM into your newsletter.
“LiveIntent’s new Google Ad Manager Integration is a great ad ops improvement for us here at Dallas Morning News. Building, editing, and reporting line items the same way for email inventory as we do for web or app is a significant workflow win.”
Mike Disen
Manager, Programmatic, Dallas Morning News