Native ads: How your business can benefit from Native Ad Blueprints

Native ads have been around for a while, and as consumer behaviors and expectations have changed, these units have evolved to suit those changes better. That’s probably why they continue to be a popular and preferred format for advertisers and consumers alike — and their popularity doesn’t show signs of slowing. According to eMarketer, spend for native display will reach $57.27 billion in 2021, a fitting figure for a format that garners 53 percent more engagement than display ads.

Image examples of native ads within an email newsletter

Native advertising has evolved further still with LiveIntent’s newest solution, Native Ad Blueprints. Now publishers and brands can incorporate this powerful format into their email newsletter ad inventory to supercharge their monetization efforts with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.

Here’s how you and your team can benefit from Native Ad Blueprints.

Image of a native ad tag within The Daily Sale email newsletter

No more hardcoding native units

With our solution, you no longer need to manually hardcode ads into email newsletters. Instead, Native Ad Blueprints enable ad operations and marketing teams to define the look and feel of a native ad slot’s appearance within an email newsletter’s HTML template.

Run multiple campaigns with dynamic ads

Run concurrent campaigns that dynamically target, serve, and optimize upon email open. Without all the manual work, sellers of newsletter ad inventory can reallocate resources to more important tasks.

An image illustrating how publishers can run multiple campaigns within an email newsletter

Multiple targeting options

Native Ad Blueprints allow for personalization, so you can deliver different advertisements to each reader without segmenting your subscriber list. Furthermore, you can enable targeting using first-party audiences, demographic groups, and interest-based segments.

Trafficking efficiency

Teams can set up flights ahead of schedule, support creative rotation and personalization with dynamic ad serving and access consolidated reporting. You can also run multiple campaigns simultaneously, helping to increase trafficking velocity and yield.

Centralized native email ad inventory

You can centralize all your native email ad inventory in one platform for easy inventory management.

An image of LiveIntent's Native Ad Blueprint eBook

Get the most out of your email monetization strategy with native ads

Of course, the most apparent benefit of incorporating these units in your email newsletters is the ability to maintain a consistent newsletter look and feel regardless of the advertisements served. With these units, you can be sure you’re delivering seamless, unintrusive ad experiences that uphold the reader experience. Check out our eBook to learn more about native in email and Native Ad Blueprints. You’ll learn how to:

  • Drive demand for your email newsletter inventory
  • Protect your brand’s identity and the reader experience
  • Market your products and services
  • Prepare and design your blueprint

Download a copy of the eBook today or contact us to learn more.