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We’re changing the way brands and publishers think about email.

Email is more than something you send and receive. It’s the simplest, most powerful way to resolve identity and market to people in a mobile-first world. And since 2009, our platform has been empowering marketers to do just that.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Berlin, Copenhagen, and London, our global teams are unlocking the power of email for over 2,000 of the world’s biggest brands and publishers.

Our Leadership Team

Matt Keiser Headshot Matt Kesier Headshot Fun

Matt Keiser

Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned founder, visionary, and entrepreneur, Matt enjoys unlocking the secret powers of email, munching meat snacks, and moonlighting as a superhero.

Brett Pinegar Headshot Brett Pinegar  Headshot Fun

Brett Pinegar

Chief Operating Officer

An experienced executive, coach, and consultant, Brett tackles problems with a proven formula of relevant data, practical empathy, and emotional support dinosaurs.

Brian Silver Headshot Brian Silver Headshot Fun

Brian Silver

President, Identity

A paragon of platform executives, Brian has an uncanny ability to keep his eye on the ball, both in building and launching businesses and playing center field for the New York Yankees. *In his mind.

Ingmar Zach Headshot Ingmar Zach Headshot Fun

Ingmar Zach

Chief Product Officer

A professional innovator and business leader, Ingmar is obsessed with building products that brands need and proving that Germans do indeed have a sense of humor.

Phillip Markert Headshot Phillip Markert Headshot Fun

Phillip Markert

Chief Technology Officer

A software savant and big data wrangler, Phillip leads an internationally distributed team of engineers using a balanced approach of agile, scrum, and VR deathmatches.

Abby Hamilton Headshot Abby Hamilton Headshot Fun

Abby Hamilton

VP People Development

A master of the art and science of recruiting and human resources, Abby is passionate about how culture can both power business objectives and carbonate kombucha.

Jon Beck Headshot Jon Beck Headshot Fun

Jon Beck

EVP Sales

A battle-tested veteran of the world of publishing and media sales, Jon has a keen eye for good deals, great meals, and bomb graphic tees.

Kerel Cooper Headshot Kerel Cooper Headshot Fun

Kerel Cooper

SVP Global Marketing

A master of the AdTech and MarTech landscape, Kerel gives voice to our customers through our marketing while providing a voice to others through his diversity and inclusion podcast.

Jessica Munoz Headshot Jessica Munoz Headshot Fun

Jessica Muñoz

VP Product Marketing

A product marketing pioneer and proud plant parent, Jessica brings next-level knowledge and strategic forethought to everything she does, from launching new products to raising temperamental succulents.

Nick Dujnic Headshot Nick Dujnic Headshot Fun

Nick Dujnic

VP Marketing

A marketer focused on brand building and demand generation, Nick hosts the award-winning video series, LiveIntentional, and in his free time writes pithy blurbs for About Us pages.

Lauren Zion Headshot Lauren Zion Headshot Fun

Lauren Zion

VP Revenue Operations

An operational wizard and efficiency expert, Lauren brings the same level of Zen-like focus to her work that she does to her other passion: Ornithology. No joke. She loves birds.

Adam Boardman Headshot Adam Boardman Headshot Fun

Adam Boardman

VP Sales

A true homegrown hero, Adam has worked in nearly every role at every level of the sales organization, from running to get coffee as an intern to running demand and strategic sales.

Kelly Hogue Headshot Kelly Hogue Headshot Fun

Kelly Hogue

VP Sales

An expert in the programmatic advertising and media space, Kelly is the rare combination of player, coach, and cheerleader. Sort of a one-man pep squad, minus the tumbling.

Dimitria Stevenson Headshot Dimitria Stevenson Headshot Fun

Dimitria Stevenson

VP Customer Success

An accomplished customer success expert, Dimitria ensures her team treats our customers like this tiny golden llama – with responsiveness, empathy, and compassion.

Thomas Jensen Headshot Thomas Jensen Headshot Fun

Thomas Jensen

SVP Business Development

A professional relationship builder, Thomas is known internationally as both an advertising and marketing technology executive and as the Scandinavian rap sensation: The Flyting Viking.

Matt Shait Headshot Matt Shait Headshot Fun

Matt Shait

VP Strategy & Planning

A man of numbers, analytics, and workflows, the only thing Matt enjoys more than identifying an untapped opportunity is watching Tom Brady do… well… anything.

Jason Oates Headshot Jason Oates Headshot Fun

Jason Oates

Chief Business Officer

Jason is a brand ambassador focused on pipeline fulfillment. When he’s not out vocalizing the value of LiveIntent, he’s vocalizing covers of 80’s pop songs with the company band, Rifff.

Steve McLaughlin Headshot Steve McLaughlin Headshot Fun

Steve McLaughlin

SVP Supply and Demand Sales

Steve is a marketplace mastermind balancing profitability and service. When his mind isn’t thinking about ways to increase efficiency, it’s thinking deep thoughts like, “Aren’t ‘donut holes’ really just ‘donut balls’?”

Chris Lincoln Headshot Chris Lincoln Headshot Fun

Chris Lincoln

VP Product

A product management superhero charged with harnessing the awesome power of programmatic, email and intent within the Liveintent platform, Chris knows that with this great power comes great responsibility.

Derek Weingarten Headshot Derek Weingarten Headshot Fun

Derek Weingarten

VP Programmatic Sales

A real-time boss of real-time bidding, Derek’s ability to fuel explosive growth in programmatic sales teams combined with his love of Elton John has earned him the nickname “Rocket Man.”

Karsten Rieke Headshot Karsten Rieke Headshot Fun

Karsten Rieke

VP Product

Part mad scientist, part seasoned product manager, Karsten leads the team charged with funneling the ethereal power of our graph into practical applications, like personalized advertising or better attribution.

Jon DeGennaro Headshot Jon DeGennaro Headshot Fun

Jon DeGennaro

VP Identity Sales

Known throughout the industry as The Dark Knight of Identity, Jon is the man you call when you need an experienced professional to spearhead comprehensive identity resolution data partnerships.

Our Advisors and Board Members

Howard Lerman, Advisor

Howard Lerman

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Geoff Vuleta, Advisor

Geoff Vuleta

Orange Linkedin Logo
Ari Jacoby, Advisor

Ari Jacoby

Orange Linkedin Logo
Craig Swerdloff, Advisor

Craig Swerdloff

Orange Linkedin Logo
Philip Markert, Advisor

Scott Becker

Orange Linkedin Logo
William Raduchel, Board Member

William Raduchel

Board Member
Orange Linkedin Logo
Richard Jasen, Advisor

Richard Jasen

Orange Linkedin Logo
Bill Lerer, Advisor

Ben Lerer

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Hunter Walk, Advisor

Hunter Walk

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Sean O' Neal, Advisor

Sean O'Neal

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Bill Wise, Board Member

Bill Wise

Board Member
Orange Linkedin Logo
Ed Zimmerman, Advisor

Ed Zimmerman

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Brian O'Kelley, Advisor

Brian O'Kelley

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Liron Gitig, Board Member

Liron Gitig

Board Member
Orange Linkedin Logo
Jason Pressman, Board Member

Jason Pressman

Board Member
Orange Linkedin Logo
John Lambros, Advisor

John Lambros

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Chris Fralic, Board Observer

Chris Fralic

Board Observer
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Josh Baer, Advisor

Josh Baer

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