Scared to monetize your email newsletters? Try native advertising.

Companies spend countless resources carefully crafting and building out their brand identity. Everything from typography to colors, and of course, brand voice is taken into account. The brand identity of a business is like its fingerprint. It makes the brand unique and recognizable and helps establish a relationship between the brand and its audience. But with so many ways to reach and engage audiences these days, it’s more critical than ever that brands take extra care to preserve their brand identity and the audience relationships they’ve worked so hard to establish, ensuring brand consistency across all channels and mediums.

Whether you’re a traditional media publisher or a retailer, we know how valuable your email newsletters are to your business. It’s one of the few channels in which you can reach and engage your audiences without having to consider any third-party noise. The idea, then, of monetizing your email newsletters by opening them up to advertisers may leave some feeling apprehensive.

An example of native advertising in email newsletters

If you have reservations about email newsletter monetization, you may want to explore native advertising solutions. Native Ad Blueprints, for instance, are an excellent way for brands to dip their toes in the email monetization pool. Below, we’ve outlined some common questions and concerns brands have about monetizing their email and how native advertising can help quell those concerns.

Won’t third-party ads dilute my brand identity?

If you’re concerned about maintaining your email newsletter’s look and feel, we don’t blame you. However, solutions like Native Ad Blueprints help ensure ads match the branding and style of your email newsletters. With Native Ad Blueprints, businesses can determine the creative parameters for native advertising within their email newsletters.

Our subscribers have come to know and love our email newsletter. Won’t ads hurt my newsletter experience?

Because native ads reflect their newsletter environment, they are less intrusive than other forms of advertising. However, with the help of the right technology partner you can actually enhance the reader’s experience by delivering ads that are not only unobtrusive but also contextually relevant and valuable to your readers.

Native advertising unit within an email newsletter

Don’t third-party advertisements increase brand safety risks?

There are several ways in which you can secure demand for your email newsletter inventory, each with a varying degree of risk that is inherent to the general advertising ecosystem. Partners like LiveIntent can help you implement allow and block lists to keep the right advertisers in your newsletters and the wrong ones out.

Would monetizing my email newsletters require a complete overhaul of my existing assets?

Not with Native Ad Blueprints. The blueprint format is very flexible and supports a variety of layouts. A one-time tag placement streamlines campaign processes and saves you and your developers hours of work. No more hard-coding for each newsletter send.

If I open my email newsletters up to advertisers, don’t I run the risk of cannibalizing my business?

You can secure demand for your email newsletter inventory the way you see fit, either directly or programmatically via LiveIntent’s roster of premium advertisers and DSP partners. Depending on the demand source(s) you choose, you’ll have control over which advertisers you allow in your inventory. Allow lists and block lists are beneficial in these instances.

Suppose you’re a brand that sells undergarments, for example, and don’t want other undergarment brands advertising in your email newsletters. In that case, you may want to implement a block list of undergarment brands preventing buys from those companies.

If you’d like to learn more about Native Ad Blueprints, their benefits, and how to implement them in your newsletter, contact us.

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