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Case Studies

lower CPA
"LiveIntent found a way to drive qualified leads at scale, allowing us to capture email sign-ups and encourage interested dog lovers to find a fresh food plan"
Skylar Ganz,
Acquisition Manager, Partnerships
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"We are really happy with LiveIntent and our partnership. They’ve proven the value of email inventory for growth marketers like Samuel Hubbard."
Jeff Ha
Chief Revenue Officer
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higher CPMs
“The native units seamlessly blend into our templates resulting in a positive user experience and allow us to further monetize our newsletters with no negative effect on engagement. An all-around win!”
Maddy Jones
Growth Platforms & Operations Manager
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increase in scale YoY
"The “Add-to-Cart” optimization, being our latest success, has unlocked Gilt’s ability to acquire valuable customers at a higher scale than we’ve ever achieved on the LiveIntent Platform."
Christine Rhea
Senior Manager of Growth Marketing
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increase in revenue
"LiveIntent come with smart recommendations and expertise, really digging into what our program needs. We’re incredibly happy with the partnership and the success we’re seeing."
Brandi Ernst
Senior Marketing Communications Planner
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The Farmer’s Dog decreases purchase CPA
Impressed with LiveIntent’s ability to find new customers.
10x higher CPMs with native units.
140% increase in scale with LiveIntent optimizations.
26% increase in revenue after implementing recommendations.
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