LiveIntent is a Must Have for D2Cs

LiveIntent has recently gotten a lot of press coverage for our work with direct-to-consumer brands.

By pouring through our reams of data from the plethora of D2C brands running campaigns with us, we’ve been able to pull some interesting insights that point to some of the best practices we’ve learned with our vast experience in helping D2Cs find incremental audiences and bring them the performance they need at the prices they can’t get on other logged-in platforms.

As reported by MediaPost, StreetFight, Mobile Marketer, eContent and many others, our studies have found that Mobile is the key for D2C brands, with better click through and conversion rates.

The reason for the accelerated growth on our platform varies: Many D2Cs have found that Facebook campaigns have gotten very expensive while LiveIntent offers incremental audiences at a much more affordable price.

Video: Why is Facebook Advertising Getting so Expensive?

Another reason for our rising popularity has been, as expressed in our Embr Labs and Manscaped Case Studies, that LiveIntent, with its grounding in the superpower of the email address, is able to deliver new audiences to D2Cs with precision and the flexibility and control to not treat your best customers like strangers.

If you’d like to learn more about our work with direct-to-consumer brands, check out this webinar with some of our fastest growing D2C brands.