How to build Mother’s Day campaigns that drive sales

With Mother’s Day approaching on May 12, you want to make sure your campaigns are ready to drive purchases and help customers celebrate the mother figures in their lives.

As the National Retail Federation reported, Mother’s Day spending reached a record high in 2023, totaling $35.7 billion — up from $31.7 billion in 2022. Mother’s Day shoppers were particularly interested in gifting cards, flowers, clothes, and jewelry. They were also focused on finding unique gifts and creating special memories through experiences and events.

Mother's Day campaign examples

So, to help you get in front of these holiday buyers, we’ve put together these tips for building Mother’s Day campaigns that drive results.

Activate your data with Audience Manager

LiveIntent created its Audience Manager tool to help advertisers activate and optimize their first-party data for email campaign targeting. Easy to use and set up, Audience Manager lets you onboard your data and match it to LiveIntent’s exchange. From there, you can build unique segments, track campaign results, and gather key audience insights.

LiveIntent's Audience manager

Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for making the most of your customer information and launching email advertising campaigns across the funnel. This is especially important around key holidays like Mother’s Day — when you want to harness every opportunity to gather real-time insights and optimize ads for increased sales.

Build audience segments of Mother’s Day shoppers

Speaking of segments, here are a few of the different types of audiences you can reach with Audience Manager:

Custom Audiences

Onboard your own audience data — including email addresses — from your CRM or CDP and use it to create segments based on your campaign goals. For example, you can suppress existing customers to reach and acquire new shoppers. Or you can target lapsed customers with special Mother’s Day sales and promotions, inspiring them to return to your brand and make a purchase.

Dynamic Audiences

Use Dynamic Audiences to reach people who’ve already engaged with your website content and shown an interest in your products. Say a customer added a Mother’s Day gift to their cart but never checked out. You can retarget them with a personalized ad to help them complete their purchase before the holiday.

Lookalike Audiences

If you have a known set of loyal shoppers, you can use Lookalike Audiences to target people similar to them and increase high-quality leads. For example, you might look at last year’s big spenders on Mother’s Day and build a Lookalike Audience of potential customers with similar interests and behaviors.

Curate content with customized inventory packages

Advertisers can also use inventory packages to reach customers with the right email ads in just the right contexts. To maximize results for your Mother’s Day campaign, you can choose from inventory packages like:

  • Content packages. Distribute your ads within relevant newsletters. For example, you might choose to target customers in emails about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and food & drink for Mother’s Day.
  • Seasonal packages. Launch ads alongside seasonally relevant email content, like newsletters specifically related to Mother’s Day and moms.
  • Custom packages. Take your campaign one step further and build your own inventory package with customized targeting parameters.

Especially during holidays with high customer spend — like Mother’s Day — you want to be ready with competitive, click-worthy campaigns that cut through the noise and drive sales. That’s where these strategies and tools can help.

Ready to build Mother’s Day campaigns that drive results? Reach out to LiveIntent to learn more.