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Engage customers at every stage of the funnel with LiveIntent’s audience solutions

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It all begins with Audience Manager

Easily onboard your data, build audiences, activate segments across campaigns, and analyze audience performance — all in one easy-to-use platform.

Custom Audiences

Match your customers to publishers’ readers for targeting or suppression.

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Dynamic Audiences

Automatically retarget website visitors or mobile app users with relevant marketing messages.

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Lookalike Audiences

Find more people with similar traits and behaviors to your best customers for powerful marketing.

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Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences give you the ability to leverage your first-party audience data to power people-based marketing. Onboard audiences in the form of raw or hashed email addresses, mobile ad IDs, or even cookie segments from your DMP or DSP. Match your exact customers to publishers’ email subscriber audiences and expand the reach of these audiences using the LiveIntent Identity Graph.

Acquire new customer

Ensure your marketing is cost-effective and suppress current customers from your new customer acquisition strategies.

Stay top of mind with your best customers

Reach existing customers in every email newsletter they read to announce new products and promote loyalty programs.

Re-engage lapsed or inactive customers

Win back customers that have stopped engaging with your emails, website, or app with special offers and events.

Leverage audiences from the platforms you use today


Dynamic Audiences

Dynamic Audiences allow you to reach people who’ve shown an interest in your business and automatically retarget website visitors or mobile app users with relevant marketing messages. You can build Dynamic Audiences with events, page views, or a combination of the two, using the LiveConnect tag for your website or mobile app.

Intent-driven audiences

Encourage visitors who have saved a product to their wishlist or cart to come back and complete a purchase.

Interest-driven audience

Engage visitors that have browsed pages within a particular section of your website or mobile app with relevant, related messaging.

Always-on audiences

Invite people researching products or services back and move them further down the funnel.

Seamlessly create audiences with tags that work with your current SDK and tag management partners

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences help you to find more people who look and act like your best customers. Unlike other platforms that use third-party data providers to create these audiences, our model combines your first-party data with our proprietary predictive attributes. Compile a seed audience from your CRM, mobile app, website, or previous campaigns to target people with similar traits and behaviors for powerful, effective marketing.

Increase quality site traffic

Reach high-value audiences that have not yet engaged with your website or mobile app, but look and act like your best customers.

Drive purchases for specific products or services

Engage people that share attributes with the buyers that keep coming back for certain products and services.

Curate seasonal audiences

Target the right audiences for your most important seasonal and holiday campaigns by reaching people that look like last year’s big spenders.