LiveIntent: Representing 80% of the premium internet’s publishers who send email

The concept of a “premium internet” has gained significant traction, particularly with the recent publication of The Trade Desk’s (TTD) list of the top 100 premium publishers. At LiveIntent, we wholeheartedly agree with TTD’s perspective. There is a segment of the internet that stands out due to its high-quality content, trusted environments, and superior user experience. LiveIntent is proud to be a key player in this premium landscape, especially within the email channel.

LiveIntent: Partnering with the best in the industry

LiveIntent works with over 80% of the publishers identified by TTD as premium, once we account for certain caveats. We focus exclusively on those publishers who are not only based domestically but also provide more than just streaming content. This selectivity ensures that our network comprises only the most reputable and influential names in digital publishing.

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Why LiveIntent’s inventory is the pinnacle of premium

Our commitment to premium content goes beyond just partnering with top publishers. The very nature of our inventory further elevates its status:

  • Opt-in engagement: Our inventory is delivered through email, a channel that users actively opt into. This ensures a level of engagement and interest that is unparalleled in other digital formats.
  • Logged-in environments: Emails are typically accessed through logged-in environments, providing a consistent and reliable context for advertisers.
  • No user-generated content: Our platform is free from the unpredictable and often questionable nature of user-generated content, ensuring brand safety and content quality.

Discover the “premium premium” internet with LiveIntent

At LiveIntent, we believe in the power of the premium internet and the unique advantages it offers to brands and advertisers. Our network, comprising over 80% of TTD’s premium publishers, is enhanced by the inherent strengths of the email channel. We invite you to learn more about how you can access this “premium premium” internet and leverage it to achieve your marketing goals.

Connect with us to explore the unparalleled opportunities that LiveIntent provides in the realm of premium digital advertising. Together, we can harness the power of high-quality, engaged audiences to drive exceptional results for your brand.