Hackathon 2024 in Copenhagen

This April, our Copenhagen office hosted an onsite event for our global Engineering team, bringing together employees from Berlin, Copenhagen, New York City, and remote locations. 

Over 60 people gathered throughout the week, with some meeting each other in person for the first time and others experiencing Europe for the first time! The week was packed with various objectives like knowledge-sharing presentations and team syncs, but the highlight was our annual “Hackathon.” This event creates the opportunity for our engineering teams to focus on creating solutions or prototypes and encourages creativity, problem-solving, and rapid development to sharpen skills. This year, 7 teams collaborated on projects benefiting LiveIntent internally and our clients externally, with a prize for the best idea (Congrats to Wiem & Viktor)!

A significant focus for the week was getting to know one another and connecting in person. The group enjoyed a game night, planned team outings such as bike rides around the city, and introduced LiveIntenters to traditional Danish food (which was a huge hit)! But just like the Hackathon there was a main event after hours… a dip in the local harbor. This is an office tradition that’s been done for years in Copenhagen and grants bragging rights to those brave enough to take the (cold) plunge.

This onsite sparked enthusiasm and collaboration among our LiveIntent engineers, embodying our four core values, Evolve to Solve, Argue & Commit, Put People First, and One Company, One Goal. The 7 teams presented their innovative ideas at a recent Town Hall, impressing their fellow colleagues with demos. 

It’s safe to say that we have some exciting things in the works here at LiveIntent, stay tuned to hear allllll about it!