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Discover a new advertising channel for powering profitable growth: email.

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Diversify media buys and scale campaigns with exclusive, premium inventory.

“With advertising becoming increasingly expensive, we knew that diversification and innovation were essential to continued growth online. LiveIntent has played a key role in this effort, offering us a unique outlet through which to connect with prospective customers. LiveIntent’s dedication to developing tailored solutions for our business needs assures me that the opportunities for growth here are endless.”

Rebecca Lavietes

Marketing Manager, eBags

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100% Logged-In Audience

Logged-in means cross-device and fraud-free, for better campaign performance and efficiency.

250MM Real People

Gain incremental reach into a massive monthly audience that actively opens and engages with email.

2,500+ Premium Publishing Brands

Access to exclusive brand-safe newsletter content from some of the most trusted publishers on the planet.

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Leverage proven, full-funnel features and strategies needed to power customer acquisition or retention.

“We’ve been able to generate a significant number of conversions with LiveIntent by driving quality site traffic and reaching our site visitors with relevant ads after they’ve left the site.”

Emily Larson Hausner

Nordstrom Rack, LiveIntent partner since 2017

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Dynamic Campaign Optimization

Engage high-quality prospects using machine learning technology that considers everything from demographic to product offering.

CRM-Based Targeting and Suppression

Increase relevancy and efficiency by using your first-party CRM data to target or suppress existing customers and find new customers that look and act like them.

Behavioral and Product Remarketing

Convert in-market consumers with personalized, relevant creatives informed by intent, like category browsing or cart abandonment.

Partner with people who understand your goals and know how to get there.

“LiveIntent feels invested, as invested as we are.”

Abigail Mallick

Penguin Random House, LiveIntent partner since 2012

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Direct Partnership

Looking for that personal touch and guidance? A dedicated team of experts will work with your people to execute, monitor and optimize campaigns that balance both performance and customer experience.

We even offer complimentary creative services to ensure your campaign really clicks (pun intended).

Programmatic Partnership

Already buying media programmatically and looking for incremental reach in unique inventory? Our team will work with the folks executing your media buys to ensure they are set up for success. You can seamlessly access our premium media through any of these programmatic platforms:

Learn more about how we can help you drive net-new sales and increase customer reach and life-time value.

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