Fareportal Earns 25% More Revenue from Marketing Emails

  • 25% more revenue

  • 0 impact on open rate




Advertising Revenue

Fareportal is a technology company that powers leading hybrid travel agencies with their strong knowledge and experience in the air travel booking vertical, including corporate travel and complex international airfares. Fareportal bridges the gap between online and traditional travel agencies by providing convenient online booking with 24/7 personalized trip experiences arranged by trained and certified travel agents in multiple countries and in multiple languages.


Fareportal wanted to increase the overall revenue generated by their special offers newsletters and began exploring ad revenue opportunities to supplement their airline ticket sales.


Fareportal worked with the LiveIntent team to implement LiveTags across their newsletters to create a premium new source of ad inventory for their sales team to offer their sponsors. Fareportal also chose to open up their newly created ad inventory to incremental demand sources buying on LiveIntent’s programmatic exchange. Fareportal slowly rolled out and tested ad slots in various newsletters to determine if there would be any noticeable effects on their marketing email campaigns.


After extensive testing, Fareportal confidently determined that there was no impact on the open or click-through rates for their marketing emails. By implementing advertising opportunities into their newsletters, Fareportal opened up an entirely incremental stream of revenue that increased the overall return of their marketing emails by 25%, with no impact on airline ticket sales.

“We did extensive testing of LiveIntent to ensure there was no effect on our open or click rates, and most importantly, our ticket sales. LiveIntent provided a new premium inventory source for our sales team as well as incremental revenue from their premium exchange.”

Steve Toy, SVP & GM

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