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LiveIntent Helps Prime Publishing Acquire 60K New Subscribers

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It makes sense that we see such high performance on the back end, because we are a newsletter publisher, and LiveIntent has a network of banners that go into newsletters. It’s a win-win for Prime, and as such, we keep pushing LIveIntent to give us even more impressions!

Katie Blindt

Marketing Director
Prime Publishing


Prime Publishing, a publisher that creates women’s lifestyle content in the cooking and crafting niches, was monetizing their email inventory, using LiveTags to accept 3rd party demand from the LiveIntent platform, to drive revenue from their most engaged audience.

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What Email Means To Publishers

Email marketing is the most important revenue generating channel

Email marketing is the most important revenue generating channel, with 34% of surveyed execs claiming it as the most valuable. (Source: Publishing Executive)

41% of publishers use email marketing

41% of publishers use email marketing to drive more than a quarter of their total revenue. (Source: The Relevancy Group)

Email marketing is an important driver of site traffic

Email is an important driver of site traffic for content publishers, as well as an additional monetization opportunity.


Because of the importance of engaged email subscribers to their revenue, Prime Publishing wanted to grow their subscriber base by acquiring new email addresses.

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Prime Publishing set up a campaign using LiveIntent Bid Manager (LBM) to acquire email addresses across the LiveIntent platform’s inventory of 2,000+ premium brands and publishers.


The email acquisition campaign generated 60K new subscribers, who turned out to have (on average ) a 56% higher engagement than other Prime Publishing subscribers when it came to interacting with Prime’s emails.

60k new subscribers
56% higher engagement

Acquire net-new email subscribers across the LiveIntent platform of 2,000+ premium brands and publishers

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