1440 grows monthly subscriber list 13%

  • 13% increase in monthly subscribers

  • 2.5x more likely to open newsletter




Email Acquisition


1440 is an unbiased news site that curates content from 100+ sources daily into one morning newsletter. This free newsletter provides an impartial view on topics such as culture, science, sports, and politics to over 3 million subscribers daily.


1440 wanted to diversify its advertising spend beyond social media to acquire a broader audience of active subscribers who would open and engage with their newsletter on a daily basis.


Before working with LiveIntent, 1440 relied heavily on social channels to bring in new subscribers, but they faced challenges in attracting an engaged audience and growing their subscriber base. They learned that LiveIntent reaches over 240 million people each month, and has an engaged, high-quality audience that thrives in the newsletter space. Both LiveIntent’s audience and scale matched up perfectly with 1440’s objectives.

To appeal to the right audience, 1440 needed to ensure that they were putting the right brand message in front of potential subscribers. In partnership with LiveIntent, they decided that the best solution was to start testing different creatives to see what would have the most impact and encourage sign-ups. The LiveIntent team started testing branded creatives that looked more like a traditional display ad that featured an image and copy. From there, they tested several different versions, including one that featured a customer testimonial. This creative version generated the highest click-through rate and clearly caught the attention of an audience that was drawn in by another subscriber’s recommendation of the newsletter.

When potential subscribers clicked on the creative, they were driven to 1440’s landing page that encouraged them to sign up for their free newsletter. 


By working with LiveIntent and testing different creatives, 1440 earned a 13% increase in incremental subscribers monthly, and found that subscribers sourced from LiveIntent were 2.5x more likely to open the newsletter over subscribers sourced from social channels alone. Through this partnership, 1440 was able to find the right strategy to target the ideal audience for their newsletter, and is continuing to test ad creatives to keep appealing to different audiences and grow their subscriber list. 

“LiveIntent has been instrumental in helping us increase our monthly subscribers in email, and their dedication to creative testing has helped us bring in the active, engaged audience we were looking to target.”

Tim Huelskamp, Co-founder & CEO, 1440

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