Collage finds customer acquisition success outside of walled gardens

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Collage's mission is to make the creation of custom products easy for everyone. They offer a wide variety of photo and home products, including photo blankets, photo books, pillows, and more. As a direct-to-consumer brand laser-focused on building relationships, gaining new customers is essential so Collage can continue to provide products that delight.


In the past, Collage relied on walled gardens to drive customer acquisition but didn’t have much success with the leading display channels. Collage approached LiveIntent looking for a viable channel to expand their advertising and maximize their return on investment while obtaining net new customers.


LiveIntent partnered with the Collage team to plan measured steps for the campaign. To make sure only net new customers saw their promotion, LiveIntent worked with Collage’s data to suppress existing customers from their campaign efforts.

Next, Collage’s offer for a free photo blanket with purchase was optimized to conversions across a run-of-network to ensure maximum reach. Collage launched on Black Friday with the LiveIntent Team keeping in close contact to continue making optimizations to maintain performance. Within two weeks, Collage’s campaign was achieving scale.


Collage was able to tap into the engaged environment of email to find scale and performance, driving a 5.3% click-to-conversion rate and acquiring 2,253 conversions. Their campaign came in under their CPA goal and yielded a 133% return on ad spend.

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“Before launching on Liveintent, we tried many different display channels and found limited success outside of remarketing. Liveintent was one of our first display campaigns for prospecting that we could scale and hit our return on ad spend targets.”

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Kristina McLane, Digital Advertising Strategist

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