Wildgrain scales customer acquisition with email as their top channel

  • 13% increase in MoM reach

  • 14% lower CAC than existing marketing channels




Email Acquisition


Founded in Boston, Massachusetts and established to make the world healthier one carb at a time, Wildgrain delivers high-quality breads, pastas, and pastries right to your doorstep. Wildgrain’s passion for cleaner ingredients inspires recipes and processes that prioritize nutritional benefits. They have partnered with small bakers and pasta makers across the country to make their artisanal products accessible to everyone. 

When Wildgrain approached LiveIntent, they wanted to expand their customer base and provide delicious options for carb-lovers everywhere.


Wildgrain was looking for a new channel to drive reach and obtain new customers at a lower cost than past marketing efforts. Their goal was to increase subscriptions without breaking the bank.


The brand worked closely with LiveIntent to develop the best approach to boost their reach and conversion rate efficiently. The objective of these campaigns was to identify creative messaging that resonated best with the ideal target audience and drove action. 

Wildgrain developed two different creatives to test which  generated more purchases. Both advertisements displayed the same deal, but one used a specific expiration date and the other simply said the deal would end soon. LiveIntent integrated creative testing with an audience strategy that addressed new customers. By suppressing past purchasers and leveraging lookalike audiences, Wildgrain reached new people who were likely interested in their products because they looked and behaved like their best customers.


The creative that did not include the expiration date, but rather hinted at the deal ending soon, garnered the most engagement. LiveIntent increased reach by 13% MoM and a 14% lower customer acquisition cost than Wildgrain’s second-best performing channel, who experienced a 40% decrease in scale. Unlike Wilgrain’s other partners, LiveIntent generated scale and helped Wildgrain acquire new, high quality customers outside of existing marketing channels.

"With the help of LiveIntent, our brand successfully reached new customers and captured the audience we wanted most. Through creative testing and strategic audience targeting, Wildgrain was able to reach an incremental audience at a lower cost than past marketing efforts."

Rose Hopkins, Growth Marketing Lead

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