The key to a great landing page? Treat your customer like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s assistant has a lot in common with your landing page designer.

“I always like to say you want to treat your potential customer as Kim Kardashian walking the red carpet, and you’re her assistant,” said Sharma Brands CEO Nik Sharma in a Real Time Banter webinar. “It’s your job to make sure everything that person needs to read, see, and hear – press quotes, customer reviews, whatever it is – it all needs to be there.”

As someone who helps brands build their e-commerce expertise and DTC growth marketing strategies, Sharma wrote the guide on building great landing pages. Literally. And he’s seen too many companies suffer from lackluster landing pages that make customers work too hard to find information.

“They’re sending static or boring creative to a website that’s completely not optimized and requires a user to go do their own research,” Sharma said.

The simple solution to this problem? Treat your customer like you’re there to make their life as easy as possible.

Take them from prospect to customer in just one page

The most effective landing pages provide a full-funnel marketing experience in one scroll.

“As you go down the page, you want to be thinking about somebody who has no idea what this brand is, no idea what I’m selling,” Sharma said. “How do I take them and educate them so that by the time they get to the bottom of the page, every question that has popped up in their head while scrolling gets answered?”

This way, no one needs to click away, get distracted, or go through the trouble to self-educate.

Close the deal with an enticing acquisition offer

Once you’ve answered every question, you need to make one final push to motivate each visitor to purchase.

“I always like to talk about having an acquisition offer when you have new customers coming in, instead of just giving them the standard 10% off or $5 off,” Sharma said.

DTC brand Cadence, for example, sells travel capsules for storing items when you’re on the go. The company invites new customers to purchase six capsules for the price of five – a $14 discount off their first order.

As Sharma pointed out, this doesn’t just help brands motivate new buyers. It also increases their average order value, which improves their return on ad spend. And, of course, it gets more product into the hands of the consumer, which is important for any growing DTC brand.

“If you’re a consumable product – whether it be cosmetics, beverage, food, supplements – that gives you the opportunity to get more sampling in and get your end consumer more of what the brand entails,” Sharma said.

Finally, an acquisition offer like the one Cadence provides might just make sense financially.

“Brands might recognize that shipping one capsule or shipping six capsules is the same cost to them,” Sharma said. “But now if they sell six, they’re subsidizing that cost and they’re playing it with higher volume. So there’s a lot more margin to be made.”

With these DTC growth marketing strategies, brands can be better positioned to make the sale in just one landing page – and help every customer feel like Kim Kardashian walking the red carpet.

“It shouldn’t require anybody to leave that page in order to transact that customer,” Sharma said. “It’s all about shortening that consumer journey in a way that is also 10X more educational to that person who’s going to end up becoming the customer.”