Monetize Subscribers with Newsletter Advertising

Many publishers have a huge yet largely untapped resource: newsletter advertising. Subscribers are highly valuable to you, the publisher, because they’ve opted-in to receive your emails, and read them regularly. This value also carries over to advertisers, since these subscribers are a highly engaged audience that appreciate the content that you provide them with. Before now, it was very difficult to manage and scale your newsletter advertisement. LiveIntent is now providing a new email newsletter advertising tool that provides publishers with the control to access and monetize that inventory – it’s up to you what inventory you’d like to sell. If you choose to, you can use house ads, direct-sold ads, or accept demand from DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, or our own stellar demand sales team.

Our newsletter advertisement platform, LFX, provides publishers with the control necessary to target, optimize, and maximize revenue from email subscribers in real-time. Our set and forget LiveTags let publishers monetize subscribers as easily as they do web visitors. With LiveTags you can use direct-sold demand in your newsletters, advertising your current partners, and accept demand from DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, as well as our own stellar demand sales team. The LiveTag system isn’t just convenient; it can also help grow your business. The revenue produced by selling advertising in newsletter can fund your marketing program, enabling you to send more mail, drive more traffic, and engage more subscribers.

Publishers that make use of newsletter advertising can rest assured that their inventory is only being filled by premium demand – and by unlocking this premium audience, you’ll likewise see a premium CPM. With LiveIntent, ads are served on open. This means that the ad can be managed and targeted for a specific demographic, and content is served in real-time so that it’s as relevant as humanly possible. Email newsletter ads can take advantage of a number of ad sizes, from high-impact roadblocks and skins to standard IAB banners. We’ve also implemented publisher black/blocklists so that publishers can prohibit ads from placement by category and domain name to ensure that ads never result in negative brand impact. Newsletters advertising with LiveIntent can be assured of excellent customer service and competitive newsletter advertising rates.