Video: Unlock email revenue potential with direct sold ads by LiveIntent

Emails serve as more than mere personal communication channels. They’re marketing opportunities for publishers seeking to optimize their ad inventory. Considering individuals devote an average of 5+ hours to email every day, publishers risk reaching audiences where they are most engaged if they don’t offer advertisers access to email inventory. In this episode of First Impressions, Rob Beeler chats with Ajay Rishi and Jennie Conway from LiveIntent to unpack how to enhance direct selling inventory via email channels.

The discussion centers around how email newsletters offer a practical, cookie-less method for engaging an audience. The trio looks at how publishers can utilize email newsletters to enhance direct selling ads through optimized impression-based purchases and specialized deals. LiveIntent has also developed optimization tools, comprehensive performance reports, native advertising, and sponsorship features to support publishers in effectively leveraging direct selling ads. Watch this episode of First Impressions to see the newest features and optimal strategies for monetizing content via direct ad sales.