How LiveIntent’s first-party data solutions meet identity demands of the market

I had the good fortune of being interviewed as a guest on AdExchanger Talks: Is LiveIntent In A Sweet Spot?

Because my son Justin has a genetic condition known as FragileX Syndrome, Zach and I discussed my work with the National Fragile X Foundation and my family’s own charity: The Fly With Me Fund.

We also discussed what life is like in quarantine, and, of course, how LiveIntent is able to leverage our first-party identity solutions to help make all inventory addressable with first-party identity resolution in the header. We are able to do this by bringing data-driven demand to publishers, and providing solutions that marketers and publishers can use to manage and respect consumer privacy and consent across marketing channels.

LiveIntent is uniquely positioned to help the ecosystem in the upcoming first-party world because, unlike the many recent entrants into the Identity market, our approach is not a workaround. It is a natural outgrowth of our legacy.

LiveIntent has always been swimming in first-party waters, and the dexterity we’ve built by years of first-party expertise has led us to our advantageous position. After all, email is already a trusted channel for our thousands of partners who leverage it to build and strengthen relationships with their customers. Publishers already partner with LiveIntent to monetize their email inventory and now LiveIntent is helping them seamlessly update their monetization strategy for inventory beyond email (native, mobile, web, apps, video, etc.) to thrive in a first-party world without having to share their data with competitors.

That’s why the industry has been so bullish on the Authenticated Bridge. We built our Authenticated Bridge framework to bring all the benefits of a walled garden to publishers and their brand partners by bridging their first-party data to the ecosystem on their terms. It was built for flexibility. After all, we all know that the days of accepting a closed solution for Identity are over. Prebid’s independence is a reflection of what the markets crave: our solution is an evolution of that thinking.

Our Authenticated Bridge is an addressability framework powered by email, which is proven for a world where first-party data will rule the day. We bring the addressability of logged-in environments like the walled gardens and the email channel to the open web. The walled gardens have proven that Identity (which enables addressability) makes inventory more valuable, and we’re bringing that Identity to our clients.

How do we do it? The fulcrum for Authenticated Bridge is the nonID, which is the mechanism to bridge the gap between the first-party audiences of Publishers and Marketers. The nonID is an open identity framework that connects all proprietary identifiers that exist across the ecosystem around a common, durable ID – the encrypted email hash. The nonID provides our clients and partners a way to securely activate their first-party data within the programmatic sphere, without leaking data to competitors or compromising their customers’ privacy. That email address represents the heart of Identity in a first-party era. With this path back to the anonymized email address mapped for our customers, the marketer, vendor, and their team have the flexibility to leverage it as they see fit.

Our Authenticated Bridge framework offers a way to connect to the ecosystem on our partners’ terms. Each company has their own preferred ID that they use to connect to people data. Our solution works with everyone’s proprietary approach.

Working with us, clients can perform people-based measurement and attribution, execute people-based marketing, connect online data to offline data, trigger emails, drive personalization, etc. without relying on third-party cookies. It’s easy to adopt, can be tuned for each use case, and connects to existing proprietary Identity graphs.

At the end of the day, we want to help Publishers and Marketers in an era where the cookie is going away and all their inventory will be first-party. We’re proud to be able to bridge a brand’s first-party inventory to the ecosystem with consent, and we’re glad AdExchanger gave us this opportunity to talk about it.