Meet your best customer (again) with the power of Dormant Email Reactivation

Established companies often amass dormant email lists that can be up to 20 times larger than their active customer base. Surprisingly, many overlook the potential goldmine these lists represent. Introducing dormant email reactivation (DER), our cutting-edge email intelligence (EI) solution designed to help you re-engage customers from your list.

Transform your email inboxes into a goldmine of data and signals. Uncover your top prospects and reconnect with your inactive audience. It’s time to find your next best customer — someone you’re familiar with but might have missed out on until now.

What is dormant email reactivation?

Reactivating inactive emails can reignite your dormant customers’ interest in your brand and drive purchases. To form effective retargeting strategies, brands can gather and analyze activity, frequency, propensity, and relevancy signals from LiveIntent’s email intelligence. 

Assessing industry-level implementation 

Let’s talk about how these ideas work for clients: publishers, advertisers, retailers, and agencies.


In this sector, publishers often encounter obstacles such as the lifetime value being affected by escalating acquisition expenses and the struggle to pinpoint their target audience. The presence of a substantial inactive subscriber base, challenging identification of valuable subscribers, and deliverability issues are impeding their ability to expand reactivation endeavors. Given these significant challenges, pursuing winback campaigns proves to be quite daunting.

Daily Voice

Daily Voice recounted their encounter with DER, showcasing exceptional reactivation outcomes. Leveraging LiveIntent’s forecasts, they successfully revived inactive subscribers at a remarkably low cost, surpassing their new email acquisitions by 2 to 3 times — all achieved organically.


DER is effective for publishers of all sizes, from small to large corporations. By leveraging a dormant file to enhance ad revenue in email campaigns, one leading publisher achieved remarkable results: a 76% increase in ad clicks with the RTR (recommended to reactivate) file and a 66% boost in ad revenue.

Beyond reactivation, DER can be used for other purposes like building lookalike audiences for acquisition and tailoring communication based on active list insights.

Advertisers or retailers

Email reactivation involves more than deciding who to email or not. It’s about managing the funnel and determining the ideal frequency of emails to those with high customer potential.


DailySale’s inactive list exceeded its active list by 20 times. Leveraging LiveIntent’s signals enabled the identification of an engaged cohort, leading to a 20-fold surge in engagement compared to disengaged subscribers. This strategic approach facilitated the extraction of valuable prospects from their database, uncovering hidden gems within their subscriber base.

Apparel Company

An apparel platform brand shifted its focus from acquisition to retention after seeking assistance from LiveIntent. By emphasizing the lifetime value of the active list, they achieved remarkable outcomes – a 303% increase in eCPM and a 138% click rate. Additionally, they discovered that non-buyers surpassed previous buyers when dormant files were sorted by buyer status.


For Alchemy Worx, reactivating subscribers posed a challenge due to poor email deliverability and difficulties in identifying valuable subscribers. Despite attempting traditional reactivation methods, they encountered limited success.

Inactive subscribers displayed minimal engagement, and further outreach risked compromising deliverability. Leveraging EI, insights from email, web, and apps provide comprehensive client and consumer data, paving the way for enhanced retargeting strategies.

Valuing inactive customer reactivation

Reactivating inactive customers presents a valuable yet often missed opportunity for businesses. LiveIntent’s success in customer winback demonstrates its cost-effectiveness, enhancing lifetime value and repeat purchase probability. Nevertheless, resource constraints and the struggle to identify high-value subscribers impede businesses from fully leveraging this potential.

Winning back a customer is 5 to 20 times more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Additionally, it enhances engagement rates more effectively than conventional approaches. LiveIntent’s Email Intelligence tool tackles these obstacles by providing insights to enhance audience understanding, optimize email strategies, and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Discover how Email Reactivation can help convert your inactive emails into paid customers, learn more or get started here.