LiveIntent partners with InfoSum to bring open resolution and addressability framework to market

LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, today announced that it has become an Identity partner to InfoSum, enabling onboarding services for InfoSum clients in North America.

InfoSum developed its identity infrastructure to empower the industry to transition from a closed ID ecosystem to an open identity layer. They place, above all, an emphasis on allowing brands to retain their competitive advantage and the trust of their customers by allowing their customers to connect to the ecosystem without ever having to share their data. LiveIntent’s unique ability to build a bridge to connect a brand’s and publisher’s first-party data to the ecosystem, engineered to ensure privacy and consent, is a perfect fit for the solution.

InfoSum’s clients securely store their CRM and first-party data in their own private data Bunker. In order to transform that data into a tool for media targeting in advertising powered by Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), that data needs to be translated into a language that the DSPs recognize so that they can continue the marketing into the channels that the DSP powers. That is where LiveIntent’s Identity layer comes in.

LiveIntent’s solution creates a common currency across devices, channels, and platforms by allowing InfoSum’s clients to bridge data sets using identifiers that are already within their data. The bridge that LiveIntent provides has as its fulcrum a non-reversible, encrypted email hash that ensures privacy and security.

The partnership will deliver first-party data onboarding services to brands looking to continue their relationships with people across devices, channels, and platforms, all in the wake of a changing environment with consistent messaging. LiveIntent’s offering within InfoSum’s identity infrastructure provides the market with the features and functionalities once only available within walled gardens.

“InfoSum’s clients are looking for a privacy-first, first-party data onboarding solution for a market that must futureproof against the rapid deprecation of third-party identifiers,” said Richard Foster, CRO at InfoSum. “We believe in the democratization of Identity, and this partnership allows us to deliver a transparent solution to the brands and media owners who want to connect their first-party data to the ecosystem while ensuring it benefits them and not their competitors.”

The LiveIntent Identity layer within the InfoSum Bunker provides onboarding and activation powered by LiveIntent’s vast Identity graph. That Identity Graph is built around a set of licensed people-based data that is authenticated and refreshed daily through active engagements with its over 2,500 Publisher and Brand clients who rely on LiveIntent to power its email newsletters and online media.

Unlike other prominent onboarding solutions, LiveIntent’s Identity layer moves far beyond simply cookie clusters, allowing to create the best connections. It bases its graph around a single durable ID, the hashed email address. That durable ID includes cookie and device information as well as relationships between hashed email addresses associated with each other.

“LiveIntent’s DNA was forged in the email channel, where we learned to navigate the question of marketing to people across devices, all without JavaScript or iFrame,” said LiveIntent President Brian Silver. “That expertise has led us to where we are today: helping the market succeed in an era where third-party cookies have an expiration date. The bridge we have built for brands to connect their hard-won first-party data to the ecosystem will empower them to thrive in a new era.”

“The partnership of InfoSum and LiveIntent represents the union of values and capabilities tailored for a digital ecosystem at a moment of change,” said LiveIntent Founder and CEO Matt Keiser. “Publishers and brands are at a crucial point in history as they grapple with both increasing market dominance by a handful of digital players and the related necessity for companies to maximize their use of their first-party data. This gets more important as third-party identifiers lose relevance. Both InfoSum and LiveIntent’s solutions were engineered with privacy and consent in mind. We’re able to bring this to market together because of our shared beliefs.”

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