NEST achieves 59% lower CPV in email than other marketing channels

  • 59% lower CPV

  • 94% lower CPC




Brand Awareness


The leading home fragrance brand in the luxury market, NEST New York offers a selection of home fragrance products including candles, diffusers, liquid soaps, lotions, and also fine fragrances including award-winning Perfume Oils. NEST releases new products each season, and they’re always looking to expand their reach and brand presence in a crowded market in order to bring in new customers. 

Historically, NEST has focused on customer acquisition through direct editorial email programs. They also utilize paid search and social campaigns to drive customers directly to their website. Due to the high costs of advertising with publishers directly and rising costs of search and social, the brand wanted a cost-efficient way to find net-new customers and grow incrementally.  


The brand’s goal for their campaign with LiveIntent was to generate incremental traffic and online sales at a lower cost-per-visit (CPV). Specifically, NEST wanted to increase purchase consideration for their Perfume Oils Collection by driving net-new, qualified traffic either to the Home Page or a custom product page.


NEST worked closely with LiveIntent to set up a brand strategy campaign that suppressed existing customers and focused on net-new customers who were female and frequently engaged with Beauty and Home & Garden content. Using LiveIntent’s LiveConnect tag and optimization engine, the campaign targeted users who would be more likely to click on their ads because they resembled NEST’s customer base. NEST and LiveIntent focused the creative on their Perfume Oils Collection. The ad featured five distinct and colorful perfume oils paired with Allure’s Best of Beauty Award Seal to add credibility and entice readers to click through and learn more.

A second strategy highlighted a Mother’s Day promotion for the Perfume Oils Collection. This creative used a 20% Off Gift Sets message to encourage buyers to purchase something special for the inspiring women in their life. By contextually aligning this creative with editorial gift guides geared towards Mother’s Day, NEST generated brand consideration, and drove high site traffic, composed of prospective customers who were new to the brand and seeking gift inspiration. 


Through these campaigns, NEST was happy to see 90% lower CPMs compared to Paid Social and Search, and 59% lower cost-per-visit (CPV) than other programmatic prospecting efforts. Their top performing creative, touting Allure’s Best of Beauty Award Seal, delivered the highest CTR and drove a 10% lower bounce rate, compared to ads that didn’t include this messaging. NEST’s overall volume of site traffic increased 27% compared to Q2 of the previous year. 99% of users that came to via the LiveIntent campaign were new, indicating the importance of this channel to acquire incremental traffic and sales. From an operational perspective, NEST discovered that working with LiveIntent is a more cost-efficient approach than working with publications directly. Cost-per-click with LiveIntent was 94% lower than with direct editorial email programs

"Having previously worked with LiveIntent, I had high hopes for our partnership. LiveIntent helped us find a cost-efficient way to generate brand awareness and reach prospective new customers at scale. Since piloting LiveIntent in Q2 2022, we have integrated it into our evergreen media strategy, ramping up new customer acquisition efforts ahead of key brand and commercial moments."

Allyssa Kaiser, Senior Director of Performance Marketing

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