Aerosoles achieves 5x ROAS with email ads

  • 5x return on ad spend

  • 23% lower CPA




Online Purchases


Since 1987, Aerosoles has crafted women’s shoes to provide guaranteed comfort. They combine fashionable designs with unique technology to create long-lasting, functional shoes that women can feel good wearing. Designed for the women who do it all, the brand has broad appeal, but wanted to take their reach a step further.

When Aerosoles was interested in trying on new channels in order to acquire net new customers, LiveIntent was the perfect fit to help them get there.


Aerosoles was looking to diversify beyond search and social in order to find new customers of their stylish footwear and grow their business. In the past, Aerosoles knew that many of their customers would often purchase their shoes online without clicking on their ads. The brand wanted to capitalize on that with this campaign and they were interested in how LiveIntent would be able to reach a new audience, drive post-view conversions (PVCs), and achieve their return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals.


The brand worked closely with LiveIntent to run an acquisition campaign targeting women with ad creative that featured their top products and sale items. When potential customers clicked on the creative, they were led to a product page or a shoe collection page. By directing the customer right to the products instead of the homepage, it increased the likelihood that they would convert and make a purchase. Aerosoles also wanted to focus on seasonality in this campaign, so that it could easily transition to different shoe styles depending on the time of year.

LiveIntent’s new proposed strategy was to set the algorithm to optimize the campaign based on the users that were adding items to their cart. As email sign-up was already part of the acquisition funnel, optimizing towards the checkout page would give LiveIntent new insight into customer intent and the common attributes that defined a customer with a high propensity to purchase. With these additional learnings, Predict would be able to find more prospects that would have an increased probability of being interested in Aerosoles and making a purchase.

The acquisition campaign proved to be the right one, as the campaign was a hit from week one. Aerosoles quickly reached their ROAS goal, and they were able to scale up with more styles of shoes to their expanded audience. What started as a one-month test turned into an always-on campaign that continues to perform week after week with high ROAS and low CPA due to post-view conversions.


Aerosoles was thrilled with LiveIntent’s ability to find shoe lovers and turn them into loyal customers. By using this strategy, Aerosoles saw 5x return on their ad spend and drove a 23% lower CPA.

“We’re happy with the results we’ve seen from LiveIntent. We looked to them to help us reach an incremental audience in a unique channel, and we were able to acquire 1000s of new customers through post-click and post-view conversion measurement.”

Woo Kim, Senior Director of Ecommerce & Marketing, Aerosoles

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