Horoscope.com Earns More Ad Revenue Without Adding More Tags

Revenue Increase

55% more revenue




Advertising Revenue


Horoscope.com delivers fun and positive advice about relationships, career, finances, health, and other topics to their users. To generate revenue, Horoscope.com works with LiveIntent to enable advertisers to extend their brand message across an engaged audience of 20+ million readers.


Earn more revenue from their email newsletters and increase third-party demand without having to add multiple new tags to their email template.


First, Horoscope.com partnered with their LiveIntent account team to redesign their email templates to a single-column format. The updated design freed up real estate in Horoscope’s email ad slots and enabled them to offer high-impact ad sizes.

Next, Horoscope.com updated their LiveTag configuration to accept a wider variety of ad sizes within the current ad slots in their newsletter ad inventory. The expanded support for more creatives sizes generated incremental demand from advertisers using 970x250 and 970x550 creatives in addition to a 300x250 unit. In the end, Horoscope.com increased demand for their available inventory and improved CPMs without incorporating additional ad slots in their email template.


Horoscope.com saw CPMs increase by 44% and generated 55% more revenue from their email newsletters YoY from only 7% more impressions.

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“Working with LiveIntent to redesign our templates and enable multiple sizes in our LiveTags has increased our CPMs by over 44%, and helped us hit our overall revenue goals from our email newsletters.”

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Joshua Jaffe, General Manager, Digital Media

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