Three helpful tips to drive sales this holiday season

As we head toward the end of the year, you’re likely preparing to kick-start your Q4 holiday campaigns. With global supply chain issues, it is more important than ever that customers place their online orders as soon as possible, ensuring timely arrival for the holidays. To help you make the most of the time leading up to the holidays, we’ve got three tips to drive sales.

Tip #1: Focus on your creative

One of, if not the most important components of a successful purchase campaign is the ad creative you choose to use. If your campaign focuses on acquiring new customers, your ad creative is their introduction to your brand. Make sure your creative clearly outlines what your brand is and what you sell.

If you’re marketing to existing customers, your holiday campaign presents an opportunity to re-engage that audience. Consider leveraging a creative message that showcases your best sellers.

Remember not to overcomplicate your ads, either. If you’re selling a shoe, highlight that shoe. Don’t feel the need to flood the creative with multiple products, words, or an overabundance of colors. You want the creative to clearly outline what you’re promoting and the action you want consumers to take.

The ads above are great examples of simple, concise, and eye-catching ad creatives. Here’s why these ads embodies those characteristics:

  • The ads prominently display the company logos at the top, immediately informing viewers from whom you can buy the shoe and helping to create brand recognition.
  • The ads only features one item. This approach allows the viewer to take in the product and appreciate its design without creating any confusion about what the brand is promoting.
  • There are clear and concise call to action (CTA) buttons at the bottom. A potential shopper knows exactly what they’re going to get by engaging with the ad.

Tip #2: Advertise your sales, promotions, and discounts

Here’s a riddle: If a brand has a sale and no one is around to hear about it, did a brand have a sale?

In other words, if you’re a marketer whose brand is running a sale or promotion, make sure shoppers know about it. Include a strong CTA that highlights the promotion or offer. A person is more likely to click on an ad and make a purchase if they have an incentive to do so.

Furthermore, if your advertising partners are aware of the sales and promotional offers you plan to run throughout the year, they can help you streamline efforts and improve campaign effectiveness. By looping your partners into your promotional plans, you enable them to be proactive in securing the right creative ahead of your promotional campaigns to best support your efforts. At LiveIntent, we always recommend sharing your marketing calendar for the year with your dedicated account team so we can help you drive campaign success all year round.

Tip #3: Don’t forget about landing pages

As crucial as creatives are, landing pages are just as important. Your ad’s landing page should always compliment the ad creative. The user expects to see whatever is promoted or promised in the ad unit upon clicking on the ad.

Imagine you own an electronics brand, and you’re running a promotion for the latest TV set on the market. Your ad showcases a large image of the TV and the CTA “Buy now.” A prospective customer clicks on your ad, but instead of going to a landing page where they can buy the TV promoted on the ad, they land on a page with stereos from the same manufacturer. An experience of this type is likely to upset your prospect, cause confusion, and is unlikely to lead to a conversion.

Landing pages can also benefit from product reviews or client testimonials. These assets provide prospective customers with the insight they need to make a more informed purchasing decision and assure them that your brand, products, and services will satisfy their wants.

The goal is to provide a positive experience that makes it easy for your customers to buy from you. The more positive and seamless their experience is, the more likely the person is to convert.

As you prepare your holiday campaigns, keep these three tips in mind. Your customers (and bottom line) will thank you.