Three facts about diversifying your media mix

They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but when it comes to digital marketing, that isn’t the best advice. While it might seem like a great idea to stick with the same old strategy you’ve been using, doing so can hinder your audience reach and, subsequently, the growth of your brand.

Recently, Meghan Bentley — LiveIntent’s director of demand sales — spoke with digital marketing and performance branding company WITHIN about diversifying one’s media mix. Meghan explained that capitalizing on broad, diverse ad inventory with email newsletter ads served programmatically can help you acquire new customers, grow existing relationships, and re-engage lapsed customers.

Why is this so important? Let’s look at the facts.

Fact: Almost everyone uses email, so there’s a large audience to reach

Let’s face it: these days, virtually everyone uses email. It’s how we start our days, and often how we finish them. This is one of the reasons why LiveIntent’s inventory exchange in the U.S. is a whopping 200 million monthly readers strong. Email has become an invaluable part of our daily lives.

By adding email newsletters to your marketing mix, you can reach those active consumers, all of whom have opted in to receive the newsletters in which your ads will appear. They represent an audience that’s likely to engage with your brand, and because LiveIntent provides access to a wide variety of quality publishing partners, you can be sure you’re connecting with consumers in a premium environment with maximum visibility (newsletters only feature one to three ads in a send, after all).

Fact: No customer uses one single platform; attention is fragmented across platforms

Facebook, Google, Twitter…sure, they belong on your media plan, but they’re not the only places your customers are spending their time. According to reports, close to 60% of consumers say email influences their purchasing decisions, so you know they rely on email for relevant product information. Brands that partner with LiveIntent can use several marketing strategies to reach real, logged-in audiences to drive consumers down the marketing funnel and make them loyal customers of your brand.

It’s important to note that LiveIntent uses hashed emails, so you can count on safe, private, and secure reach.

Fact: When you focus on just one channel, you run the risk of limiting acquisition

Allocating all of your marketing dollars to one channel is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. By doing so, you’re limiting your ability to reach a broader audience and influence conversions. Furthermore, by focusing on one channel you run the risk of saturating one channel, capping out on conversions, and potentially increasing your cost-per-acquisition.

With LiveIntent and email newsletters, you can leverage your first-party data to suppress current customers and only reach those who have yet to make a purchase with your brand. And, with audience solutions like our Lookalike Audiences, you can create a seed audience of your high-value customers and find people across our network that resemble them. This enables you to reach and target only those people who are most likely to convert — talk about bang for your buck.

Every brand and agency has unique marketing objectives — but every one of them can benefit from diversifying their media mix. It’s a surefire way to maintain that all-important ongoing connection to your customers, and keep your business going strong.