Site Visitor Resolution: Identify, engage, and convert website visitors—even those you don’t know

Back in the late ’80s, New Jersey Bell—now known as Verizon— launched a new technology that would change American lives and the way we socialized forever: Caller ID.

For those of you reading this who were born in the cell phone era, you’ll never understand the pain of receiving a phone call without Caller ID. Prior to the innovation, it was pretty common to find yourself trapped in a conversation with someone you never wanted to speak with (sometimes for hours), repeatedly answering calls from someone with the wrong number, and missing a call from someone you actually wanted to speak with and not having a call back number for them. It was madness! However, when Caller ID came around, it gave people control over who they’d engage with and when, all with a simple identifier—the person’s phone number.

Third-party cookies have done something similar for the digital ecosystem. Although not a perfect technology, third-party cookies enabled advertisers to target and reach valuable audiences across the web and gave publishers the opportunity to monetize their audiences by serving relevant messaging to the right website visitors. With third-party cookie deprecation on the horizon, however, publishers and advertisers must seek new ways to identify and reach prospective customers.

That’s where LiveIntent’s Site Visitor Resolution (SVR) comes into play. With SVR, you can turn your anonymous website traffic into authenticated, first-party audiences. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Site Visitor Resolution?

Site Visitor Resolution helps you identify your website visitors even when they are not logged in. This solution uses LiveIntent’s proprietary first-party Identity Graph, which contains 900 million active unique hashed email addresses at its core and 110 billion connections to device IDs and partner IDs, along with identified digital behaviors and recognized demographic identifiers anchored around those hashed emails, to help you identify your anonymous website audiences and improve addressability.

How does Site Visitor Resolution help my business?

According to research from AIMultiple, approximately 98 percent of website visitors remain anonymous. Similar to life before Caller ID, not knowing who’s making contact with your business makes it impossible to get in touch, drive engagement, and nurture relationships. However, with LiveIntent’s Site Visitor Resolution, it’s possible to identify approximately 70 to 80 percent of your website’s visitors.

Our Identity Graph, the engine behind Site Visitor Resolution, provides the unique identifiers of website visitors like hashed email addresses, IPs, and MAIDs, back to publishers and advertisers. Equipped with this first-party data, businesses can unlock a host of opportunities that transform non-logged-in audiences into loyal customers.

Identifying, segmenting, and activating non-logged-in audiences

Imagine for a moment that your website gets 10,000 visitors a day but only 200 of those daily visitors identify themselves by either logging into your site or by filling out a form. Your business could surely benefit from identifying those 9,800 site visitors and re-engaging them with relevant messaging, offers, and promotions. With SVR, you can segment those 9,800 non-logged-in or anonymous website visitors into two main buckets: existing users or customers and prospective users or customers.

Because SVR gives you access to the hashed email addresses, IPs, and MAIDs of those non-logged-in or anonymous website visitors, you can cross-reference them with those data points in your CRM. This will help you uncover which of your visitors are already engaged with your brand or publication and which aren’t. Equipped with these insights you can crank things up a notch. Here’s how.

Engaging existing users or customers

You know that today’s customer has come to expect relevance and personalization, and delivering on those expectations has become critical to business success. Of course, if you don’t know who your customers are or what’s interesting or relevant to them, then delivering on those expectations becomes an exceptionally tall order.

By leveraging hashed emails, device IDs, and MAIDs, LiveIntent’s Site Visitor Resolution provides an added layer of intelligence to publishers and advertisers alike. With Site Visitor Resolution, you can understand what your audiences engage with even when they’re not logged in, helping you create a more cohesive and holistic audience profile. A more complete understanding of your audiences will, of course, help you deliver a more relevant and personalized experience. Let’s look at an example.

Say your business is a large publication or brand with various subsidiaries. SVR can help you understand how your existing customers or website users engage with your digital properties across your multiple brands or publications (even if they don’t log in to every single site). With SVR, you’re no longer left in the dark. You can capture insights and tie them back to a single user to deliver more relevant and personalized experiences via promotions and product recommendations, helping you move the needle on your business.

Engaging prospective users or customers

But what about those audiences who aren’t yet part of your database? Because SVR helps you secure the hashed email addresses, IPs, and MAIDs for your website visitors, you can leverage those data points to reach your audiences on other channels like social, for example.

Of course, converting those prospective users to loyal customers is the goal, but there’s a quick pitstop you might want to make on your way there. Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, running an email acquisition campaign on other channels is a great way for you to build up your first-party audience data and facilitate additional methods of engagement. Furthermore, Site Visitor Resolution can help you identify the channels that bring the most traffic to your site. With these insights, you can develop personalized sequential messaging that will delight your customers.

Take control of your first-party data

Site Visitor Resolution gives you control by enabling you to build your first-party data. With Site Visitor Resolution you can build a better understanding of your audiences and capitalize on more opportunities that drive business.

Interested in learning more about Site Visitor Resolution and how you can use it to resolve site traffic, improve the addressability, and build a robust first-party database? Contact us today.