Navigating the future of programmatic advertising: Insights from Brand Safety Summit

In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, change is inevitable. The recent Brand Safety Summit brought together industry leaders, and our very own Greg Taylor, Sr. Sales Director at LiveIntent, took center stage in a panel discussion that delved into the future of programmatic advertising, specifically addressing the impact of the impending demise of third-party cookies. The discussion highlighted key considerations and strategies to stay ahead in the game.

1. The rise of first-party data

One key takeaway from Greg’s panel is the pivotal role that first-party data is poised to play in the post-cookie era. Greg emphasized that deterministic data will become increasingly crucial in establishing connections between brands and consumers. In this context, email emerges as a powerful contender for a universal identifier. Greg likened it to a digital fingerprint or passport, offering a compelling alternative for addressing media in a world less reliant on cookies. See what he had to say here:

2. Contextual advertising’s enduring relevance

Contrary to concerns about the demise of third-party cookies, Greg highlighted the enduring relevance of contextual advertising. While it may undergo some changes in a post-cookie world, the essence remains strong. Knowing the content that a newsletter subscriber has actively engaged with provides a valuable context for advertisers. This opens up new opportunities to deliver targeted and personalized content even in the absence of third-party cookies. See how:

Find the full Brand Safety Summit panel featuring Greg Taylor, here. Or reach out to schedule a meeting to understand the strategies and considerations that will shape the future of programmatic advertising.