Manscaped Finds D2C Success

Manscaped Cleans Up on LiveIntent Platform

Manscaped is a direct-to-consumer company with a focus on men’s grooming products. Founded at the beginning of 2017, the brand initially grew thanks to organic search, as well as from acquisition efforts on Facebook, Google, and Amazon. However, fearful of audience fatigue on social (a common trend amongst D2C brands), Manscaped looked to expand its acquisition efforts into a new channel – email.

Manscaped began working with LiveIntent to achieve three main goals:

  1. Reach new audiences
  2. Acquire net-new customers
  3. Scale acquisition efforts while beating a cost-per-acquisition goal

Working with LiveIntent to advertise in email offered Manscaped solutions to all of its goals: email offered the new audiences, while LiveIntent’s platform drove new user acquisition and incremental revenue.

Generating a Recipe for Direct-to-Consumer Success

Together with its account team, Manscaped implemented a campaign that focused on three main aspects: a wide reach, relevant content, and net-new users. Here is how each aspect came into play.

  1. A wide reach: To ensure that Manscaped reached the widest possible audience, the team implemented a campaign with no targeting parameters (other than excluding females, of course.) By forgoing all other targeting parameters, Manscaped allowed LiveIntent’s platform to optimize to the audiences that resonated most with its product.
  2. Relevant content: Since Manscaped wanted to reach new audiences, it knew that it would be essential to inform prospective customers about its offerings to push users down the conversion funnel. To do so, it sent traffic to its homepage, where users could learn all about Manscaped’s products, compare them to those of competitors, and read reviews. Importantly, site visitors could also buy products directly from the home page, which shortened the conversion funnel and allowed users to take immediate action once they made a purchase decision.
  3. Net-New: To make extra sure that it was reaching new audiences, Manscaped suppressed existing customers from its campaign in real-time. This ensured the campaign was only reaching net-new customers and could scale without wasting budget on existing customers or users who recently converted.

Ultimately, by running a campaign across all of LiveIntent’s inventory and by sending users to its well-crafted home page, Manscaped was able to create a recipe for success. Within the first 30 days of the campaign, Manscaped acquired 350 net-new customers, scaled its daily spend 4x, and maintained a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) 20% below its goal.

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