LiveIntent’s Lookalike Audiences: The audience solution designed for customer acquisition

Lookalike Audiences represent everything we love about advertising technology. Think about it: the solution takes a seed audience and scores it against hundreds of unique attributes to build a lookalike model of people who are similar to that seed. In other words, this machine-learning tech derives patterns and learnings from a group of known customers to predict the likelihood that a group of prospective customers will convert. It’s pretty sophisticated and is a popular strategy leveraged by many of our advertisers to acquire net new customers and drive revenue for their business.

We are thrilled to share that you can now build Lookalike Audiences directly in Audience Manager. This means that you can roll up your sleeves and use the tool to create Lookalike Audiences yourself. Simply onboard a seed audience from your CRM or website/mobile app activity and our modeling algorithm will find authenticated newsletter readers in our exchange who are not yet a customer but would likely be interested in your business.

By creating your own Lookalike Audiences in Audience Manager you can:

  • Use an adjustable scale to determine your Lookalike Audience’s reach and similarity to your seed audience
  • View the estimated size of your audience before you create it
  • Build multiple audiences (up to five at once) if you would like to test how the composition affects the performance of your campaigns

As with all LiveIntent products and solutions, feedback from our partners is welcome and encouraged. We are excited for you to try out this new capability in Audience Manager and look forward to evolving our solution to best suit your needs.

Ready to start building Lookalike Audiences right now? Log in to Audience Manager, reach out to your LiveIntent account manager if you don’t already have access, or contact us to learn more.