LiveIntent: Your people-based alternative to Facebook

In previous lives, I did some media buying. It always galled me that in order to check in on how my Facebook buys were doing, I’d have to log in to Facebook and be bombarded with, to put it lightly, the insane postings of family, former classmates, and friends who I didn’t know were lunatics.

It always weirded me out to think my campaign was going to be next to my Uncle Morris’ posting about how some canned goods are actually a Russian plot. The momentum of the past few weeks where advertisers have sought out Facebook alternatives in droves has helped me realize I wasn’t alone.

LiveIntent’s inventory doesn’t get lost in the din of User-Generated content. All of our inventory exists in email newsletters, written and edited by professionals to an audience who has raised their hand and said “Yum, gimme that content! It is grammatically correct, and no one I went to High School with who believes the ocean is made of fluoride is going to be inserting their views into it.” LiveIntent prides itself on being an ally and supporter of Publishers. Being within their owned and operated email newsletter supports their important work. It also creates an ecosystem where brands can run campaigns fully confident that their messaging gets through with the air of legitimacy that our Publishers’ hard work affords.

LiveIntent is open and transparent about where your ads are running. You can apply personalized blocklists and view domain-level performance, all while avoiding user-generated content that can keep you up at night worrying about brand safety. 

Brands love us for the same reason that they love Facebook. Incremental, logged-in, measurable audiences. Because of the logged-in nature of the email channel (gotta log in to email, just like you have to log in to Facebook), we’re able to bring the same confidence to marketers when it comes to audience targeting and measurement. We’re able to deliver incremental audiences to Facebook, as our audience is massive, and differentiated. 

LiveIntent doesn’t buy into the Walled Garden practice of hoarding insights that would help brands to instead benefit the walled gardens themselves. LiveIntent believes that data should flow to brands, not away from them. We give you back log-level data so that you can use your learnings from the campaigns that run on our platform and reach 290 million logged-in people wherever people are present and paying attention. 

The insights are yours, you’ve earned them and you should be able to do what you wish with them. 

All of this and we’re able to provide performance at lower costs, too! 

As brands more aggressively explore Facebook alternatives, please know LiveIntent offers a logged-in, brand-safe, incremental and measurable option that brands can use to grow their audiences beyond the email channel campaigns begin in.