LiveIntent named one of the hottest adtech companies of 2022

LiveIntent just got its holiday present early, and we’re proud to share it with you: Business Insider named LiveIntent one of the hottest adtech companies of 2022.

We know there are thousands of adtech platforms out there to choose from, each making its mark in a wildly competitive industry, and we worked hard to be included in this year’s top 12.

Image that states "Insider, The hottest 12 adtech companies of 2022" with the LiveIntent logo

Sitting at the intersection of marketing and advertising, LiveIntent has always helped publishers and advertisers think outside the box, and discover new ways to use email to grow their businesses.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re impacting the adtech world.

Helping publishers unlock new revenue streams

We’re proud to deliver significant revenue for publishers with our email and web monetization solutions. Especially as publishers are looki t diversify their revenue streams, we make it easy to sell inventory directly in the email newsletter with automated, real-time ad serving. So you can take advantage of each email open and deliver personalized ad experiences to your subscribers.

Delivering logged-in audiences to advertisers

We’re glad to help advertisers access logged-in, addressable audiences over email — one of the most trustworthy and engaging channels on the web today. In fact, we believe email advertising is the key to surviving the next recession, since brands can use it to prove ROI and target first-party audiences — no third-party cookies needed.

With LiveIntent, advertisers can tap into our network of over 2,000 pmium publishers and 200 million unique readers, reaching audiences of real people with customized ads.

Improving addressability and identity resolution

We’re excited to pave the way for the future of addressability and resolution by leveraging our unique and differentiated identity graph.

As third-party cookies near extinction, publishers and brands will need new addressability solutions to adapt. That’s where LiveIntent is on the cutting edge. Our first-of-its-kind identity graph connects your data to the larger ecystem, using 200 million unique email addresses and 25 billion authenticated data signals. This way, you can build a unified customer view across every touchpoint, and keep tracking and targeting customers across the web.

With the new year up ahead, we’re not slowing down any time soon. LiveIntent will continue to help businesses harness the power of email and first-party data. So they can navigate monumental shifts in the ad industry, and have the tools to thrive in 2023 and for years to come.