Authenticated Bridge

An identity framework for a first-party future

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In 2009, LiveIntent built an advertising technology platform that identifies and targets audiences in the cookieless environment of email by replacing the cookie with an equally ubiquitous – but far more stable – identifier: the hashed email address.

Having this privacy-compliant, first-party identifier at the core of our technology made it possible for Publishers, Marketers, and Technology Partners to partake in an immense programmatic ecosystem without having to rely on walled gardens or third-party cookies. And it is this experience and expertise that serves as the foundation for our Authenticated Bridge framework.

Our industry is rapidly approaching a future where third-party cookies, which have been the backbone of identity for so long, will no longer exist. Email sits at the heart of everything both consumers and businesses do online.

Authenticated Bridge harnesses the power of email to bridge identity across the greater programmatic ecosystem and makes people-based marketing possible without third-party cookies. Not just for tomorrow, but for right now. It builds on what Publishers and Marketers do every day in their email and advertising campaigns by securely bridging their logged-in email readers to website and app audiences. It then makes that first-party data actionable with any Technology Partner they choose in the form of an encrypted, irreversible nonID.

Authenticated Bridge solves the challenges around identifying web users, targeting custom audiences, and measuring outcomes outside of walled gardens and without the presence of third-party cookies. It is the key to higher CPMs for Publishers and better performance for Marketers. And it is available today.

Take the first step in securing your place in an addressable, first-party future without compromise by leveraging an open, proven solution that works with any technology partner or identifier.

How the framework works

Bridging the world of
email and the web

  • LiveTag
  • LiveConnect
  • Identity Graph
  • nonID

LiveTags are placed in the emails you send. These register actions like opens and ad impressions which creates a privacy-compliant core of authenticated, hashed email addresses.

LiveConnect connects your email readers to what’s happening across your owned and operated websites and mobile apps so you can act on those insights in real-time.

The Identity Graph attributes organic interactions across devices, browsers, newsletters, websites, and mobile apps to an encrypted email hash via the nonID.

nonID, a digital advertising service, securely connects your first-party data to the programmatic ecosystem , in real-time, to make audiences addressable across all browsers and devices without third-party cookies.

What Authenticated Bridge means for publishers

Publishers are losing data, audiences, content, and market share to the walled gardens. It’s time they took some of that back. Authenticated Bridge gives publishers back control over their first-party data and gives them the ability to build stronger relationships with their audiences and advertising partners.
Provide your advertisers with addressable audiences by increasing the percentage of identifiable website visitors, across browsers and devices, without requiring a login.
Boost the performance of eCommerce and subscriber acquisition campaigns with audiences, infused with intent and behavior signals, that are more likely to engage and take action.
Activate first-party data at scale to strengthen your direct-sold efforts.
Power audience-based targeting that helps you compete with the walled gardens.
Respect consumer privacy choices across your web and email properties.

What Authenticated Bridge means for marketers

Marketers pay a premium for what should be standard — accuracy, viewability, transparency, and accountability. Authenticated Bridge connects first-party data to identifiers employed by every platform and partner they use, eliminating the premium on targeting accuracy and improved campaign outcomes.
Leverage intent and behavioral signals across email, web, and mobile apps to deliver personalized messages and optimize your audience targeting strategies.
Take advantage of measurement and attribution that easily ties back to your first-party data, aligning advertising goals with your business objectives.
Activate your first-party data at scale and increase the reach of custom audiences without relying on third-party cookies.
Reclaim revenue lost to cookie syncs and non-matched impressions for more cost-efficient, one-to-one audience targeting.
Respect consumer privacy choices across devices, browsers, and media channels.

What Authenticated Bridge means for technology partners

Advertising technology and data management platforms rely on third-party cookies to effectively connect their data to the broader ecosystem and provide their services to their customers. Authenticated Bridge delivers a stable, universal identifier that connects their data to that of their partners and customers, making it actionable even when third-party cookies aren’t present.
Future-proof the services that you provide for a cookieless world.
Easily and securely map your rich data to clients’ data using a stable, universal identifier, and make it targetable online.
Work directly with advertisers that want to leverage their first-party CRM data.
Effectively bid against CRM data in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
Tie performance events to a stable ID for attribution and measurement without third-party cookies.