LiveIntent integrates with Magnite to improve audience resolution and addressability

June 11, 2020: LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, and Magnite (formerly Rubicon Project), the largest independent sell-side advertising platform, today announced an integration to empower advertisers to transact on a unique, stable, and privacy-safe identifier. LiveIntent’s Authenticated Bridge framework solves many of the challenges confronting marketers around audience resolution and addressability by connecting advertiser and publisher first-party data.

At the center of LiveIntent’s Authenticated Bridge solution is the nonID, which has a 1:1 relationship to a specific email address and allows brands to bridge data sets using identifiers within the original data sets. The nonID is tied to an active, hashed email in the LiveIntent graph and offers a way to predict the primary email address that is associated with a device or browser. With more than three billion unique online identifiers and nine billion connections—all of which are anchored in first-party data—LiveIntent’s identity graph is one of the largest in the world. What’s more, LiveIntent’s graph is the only graph to be built using only first-party cookies whose insights are tied directly to validated and active emails.

“In addition to helping publishers make their inventory more accessible and useful to advertisers, people-based identifiers improve the end user’s digital media experience,” said Garrett McGrath, Vice President of Product Management, Magnite. “We continue to work with industry partners to develop community-driven identity solutions that simplify and enhance the advertising experience for publishers, advertisers and consumers, all the while respecting data privacy. LiveIntent’s Authenticated Bridge framework provides an identity solution that is reliable, transparent, and streamlined.”

“The industry has watched repeatedly as proprietary solutions that claimed to be a common currency for publishers and advertisers were rolled out,” said LiveIntent Founder and CEO Matt Keiser. “For publishers and brands, the days of accepting a closed solution are over. Prebid is open, and our nonID is a way to connect to the ecosystem on a customer’s terms. This framework works with established vendors’ proprietary IDs but is also open to any publisher or brand that has their own email data. LiveIntent and Magnite believe in the power of open source technology and have built solutions designed for easy integration and adoption, all while adhering to data compliance.”

Want to hear more about the partnership? Garrett McGrath, VP of Product Management at Magnite, and Jessica Muñoz, VP of Product Marketing at LiveIntent, recently joined Kerel Cooper and Nick Dujnic for an episode of Real Time Banter to discuss our partnership and improving audience resolution and addressability.

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