LiveIntent Chooses Narrative To Accelerate New Onboarding Service

You may have seen a story in the news recently covering our exciting partnership with Narrative. Below, you can read the press release announcing that partnership. Please reach out with any questions!

LiveIntent Taps Software Provider Narrative to Accelerate Next Generation of Onboarding Service Built for Brands, Platforms and Publishers Demanding Open Ecosystem

Partnership leverages Narrative’s automated data workflows and safe room capabilities to immediately scale LiveIntent’s ingestion and distribution of its clients’ offline and online files and provide file transfers never before possible

LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform, has selected Narrative to accelerate the rollout of its recently launched onboarding service that publishers and brands looking for identity independence. Narrative offered a white label experience, turnkey connectivity, and an easy-to-use interface for LiveIntent’s partners. Narrative also acts as a neutral party in support of the onboarding service.

LiveIntent’s onboarding business provides the market with the features and functionalities once only available to the walled gardens. Narrative’s software takes a traditionally complex process and makes it point-and-click. The result is a new option that is faster, provides more control, and levels the playing field for publishers and brands while weening the industry off of the one-size-fits-all solutions from the entrenched, dominant players in the space.

As a result of the new partnership with Narrative, LiveIntent’s onboarding service (already scaled with 83% of its customers participating in user matching) enters the market with technology a generation ahead of its competitors.

Publishers, marketers, agencies, platforms and channel partners can onboard audience segments from offline to online identifiers via a simple, easy-to-use interface and flexible pay-as-you-go business model.

LiveIntent’s new onboarding service also empowers publishers and brands to make the most of their first-party data. LiveIntent launched the service to benefit publishers and advertisers to prepare for a world where Apple (ITP 2.0) has restricted third-party ad targeting and rumors of Google doing similarly abound. With LiveIntent’s new onboarding service, brands can harness their first-party relationships and build data assets that let them finally compete with the walled gardens. LiveIntent enables data to flow to brands, not away from them as had been the industry shortcoming. The Narrative partnership accelerates the speed with which these publishers and brands can assert control over their data and engage with partners and the ecosystem.

“At Narrative, our mission has always been to help companies operationalize their data strategies as efficiently as possible, without giving up strategic control,” said Founder and CEO of Narrative Nick Jordan. “Few companies, if any, have LiveIntent’s ability to deliver an onboarding service of this magnitude. Their entry into onboarding immediately changes the market. Narrative will manage the data processing & permissioning and navigate a complex network of delivery endpoints so that LiveIntent can maximize its customers’ opportunities to leverage data for new forms of value creation. This partnership enables LiveIntent and its customers to move with speed.”

Launched in 2016, Narrative has built the industry’s first advanced, automated platform designed to make the buying, selling, accessibility and usage of data fast, safe and transparent. The New York-based startup has recently raised $3 million in new funding and works with leading data and martech platforms as well as brands including DTC companies, fast food and gaming.

“The partnership of Narrative and LiveIntent represents the union of capabilities tailored for a digital ecosystem at a moment of change,” said LiveIntent Founder and CEO Matt Keiser.

LiveIntent’s onboarding service, which launched April 1, is a natural outgrowth of its platform business but is a separate entity. The onboarding service does not use the data from the platform to perform its services unless clients have chosen to engage in and benefit from onboarding themselves.

“The market is hungry for alternative sources of identity data,” said Craig Swerdloff, CEO of Traverse Data. “LiveIntent’s approach to onboarding follows a header bidding philosophy, giving more choice and flexibility to everyone in the market. Narrative’s ability to support LiveIntent’s distinct model is good news for a market looking to have more choice and control, and we’re excited to participate alongside LiveIntent on the Narrative platform.”

The LiveIntent platform business, made up of over 2,500 brand and publisher clients and reaching 250 million verified people monthly, constitutes one of the world’s largest identity graphs.

It is built through direct relationships with publishers and brands like The Washington Post, La Quinta, Reader’s Digest and technology partners like MediaMath, who execute people-based marketing campaigns with LiveIntent.

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