“I’m Yours”: Win customers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day with inventory packages

Love is in the air, and Cupid is sharpening his arrow as we speak. That means it’s time for marketers to finish planning those Valentine’s Day advertising strategies and figuring out how to win audiences’ hearts this February.

Now, while you won’t be able to deliver chocolates, flowers, heart candies, and witty love notes to each customer — wouldn’t that be nice! — you can elevate your campaigns with our gift to you this Valentine’s Day season: inventory packages.

With inventory packages, you can be sure you’re getting in front of the right audiences by reaching them alongside content that’s most relevant to their interests and your products. This way, you can share the love at scale and increase your chances of sparking a connection with each customer.

Here’s how to make it happen.

“Be Mine”: Choose the right solution for your brand

LiveIntent offers a selection of inventory packages that advertisers can use to reach target audiences across premium email newsletters.

These types of inventory packages include:

Content packages

Advertisers can use content packages to deliver ads across emails of specific content categories, such as food & drink, style & fashion, and technology & computing. Each content package even includes an option for launching ads above the fold, so you can maximize visibility and get in front of customers right when they start reading.

A restaurant, for example, might promote its Valentine’s Day specials in email newsletters from food & drink publishers. As a result, they’ll reach customers who’ve already opted in to receive this type of content and engage them at the moment they consume that content.

Seasonal packages

Advertisers can use seasonal packages to distribute ads across seasonally-themed email newsletters.

For instance, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, a brand might only want to deliver ads alongside newsletters that contain Valentine’s Day content. This way, they know their target audiences will already be in the right mindset for their love-themed messaging.

Custom packages

Advertisers can use custom packages to curate their own email inventory. While off-the-shelf options like content and seasonal packages are more scalable and quicker to activate, custom packages give advertisers more control over the newsletter templates and publishers they work with.

“True Love”: Win over new customers this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, be your brand’s own Cupid and win the hearts of target customers at scale with inventory packages. Because everyone knows love isn’t just reserved for romantic partners; It’s also for family, friends, good food, great deals, and, of course, those brands you just can’t live without.

All you need is the right tool to spark that love connection and start building those customer relationships. That’s why we built inventory packages.

Reach out to your LiveIntent team to build inventory packages into your Valentine’s Day campaigns today!