How to boost your holiday advertising with inventory packages

The holidays are around the corner, and they’re set to bring significant returns for businesses. In fact, the National Retail Federation expects this season to see the highest holiday retail sales on record — and an increase of up to 10.5% from 2020.

So, before you lock in that seasonal media strategy, ask yourself if you’ve made your list and checked it twice. Most importantly, have you prepared to win over audiences by advertising alongside the content that’s most relevant to them and your products?

If not, that’s where LiveIntent’s inventory Packages can help. With inventory Packages, advertisers can contextually target audiences at scale inside the premium email newsletters they’re already reading. So they know they’ll be reaching consumers who are most likely to engage with their messaging and move to the next stage of the marketing funnel.

Ready to learn more?

Here’s a closer look at how to use inventory Packages to power your holiday advertising campaigns.

Choose the right inventory package for your brand

Advertisers can choose from a selection of ready-made inventory packages or build their own custom packages — all to maximize scale and relevance. Each package also includes an option for distributing ads above the fold, increasing the visibility of your message.

Available types of inventory packages include:

Content packages

Advertisers can use content packages to advertise on specific types of email newsletter content. Simply choose your preferred IAB category or categories — such as food & drink, health & fitness, or technology & computing — depending on which ones correspond best with your messaging and product offerings.

Seasonal packages

Advertisers can use seasonal packages to launch ads alongside seasonally-themed newsletters and content. For example, in anticipation of the holiday season, a brand might distribute ads promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales inside publisher newsletters that contain Black Friday-themed content.

Custom packages

If you’d like greater control over the types of newsletter templates and publishers included in the inventory packages you’ll purchase, then consider custom packages. With custom packages you can curate the inventory yourself instead of opting for “off-the-shelf” packages. This approach can give you the control and customization your brand might need.

Maximize benefits from inventory packages

Inventory packages offer several potential benefits to advertisers. These solutions are particularly best suited for businesses that want to:

  • Drive awareness from their campaigns
  • Build their own first-party databases for future targeting
  • Curate and customize ad content to reach specific consumers

These goals are, of course, top-of-mind as the holidays approach, making it a great time to start targeting inventory packages.

Fuel your holiday advertising campaigns

Since the industry expects seasonal shopping to skyrocket this year, having a competitive edge will be more critical than ever. That means brands need to check all their boxes and consider the most effective ways to reach consumers alongside the content they’re already enjoying.

Advertisers can do just that with inventory packages — making the most of their holiday outreach, ad budget, and revenue goals. Reach out to your LiveIntent team to start targeting inventory packages in your holiday campaigns today!