How advertisers can best capitalize on the Super Bowl with email newsletters

Super Bowl is just around the corner, and if you’re an avid football fan you may be one of many currently obsessed with team rankings, stats and predictions, and maybe some innocent sports gambling. This is also the perfect time of year to show your team spirit and connect with fans across channels, mediums, and devices if you’re an advertiser.

To help you make the most of the football season, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for your email advertising campaigns with LiveIntent.

Target sports fanatics using your first-party data

If advertising during the Big Game is your bag, leveraging data you collected from a past campaign is worth your while. Here’s what we mean.

Say you have a list of customers who purchased your products during last year’s football season. You may want to encourage those previous customers to re-engage with your brand or discover new product offers again this season. With LiveIntent, you can easily do so by onboarding your customer list to target and reach those folks in email newsletters. You can even tailor your ad creative to resonate with that specific audience, their previous purchase, or buying habits.

You can use the same list of past purchasers as a seed for a Lookalike Audience. Our modeling technology analyzes demographic and behavioral attributes to identify trends in your ideal customers. We then use these insights to find new potential customers who are likely interested in your brand, product, or service.

Align your brand with relevant content

Don’t have any first-party data to use for a campaign? No problem. The beauty of the email channel is that it naturally gets you in front of high-quality audiences who’ve signed up for interest- and preference-specific content. LiveIntent offers a variety of off-the-shelf inventory packages based on the content’s IAB category. So, if you’re eager to reach engaged consumers who are catching up on their football news, targeting a Sports content package will bring your brand into the conversation and keep it top of mind.

Pump up your contextual game with Native Curated Packages

As mentioned, targeting an inventory package is a great way to reach an engaged audience who’ve chosen to read content about a specific topic. But did you know that consumers are two to three times more likely to engage with a brand’s ad if aligned to the content and its content category?

In Q4 2021, LiveIntent ran an alpha program that enabled advertisers to place highly-visible native ads within exclusive publisher inventory. We discovered that these native ad placements generated a higher click-through rate than standard display banners and learned that audiences continued to engage with the brand and spend more time in its conversion funnel than audiences sourced from contextually irrelevant content.

We are excited to now provide Native Curated Packages at scale, combining the best of our publishers’ newsletter inventory with native placements that blend seamlessly into the email environment. Inventory is vertically aligned, so if you were a light-beer brand wanting to target our Sports Native Content Package, your ads would integrate with newsletter content from publishers like CBS Sports and Fanatics.

If you’re interested in a Native Curated Package, please contact us to discuss options.

Score the winning touchdown with email newsletters

Whether you’re looking to run an audience play using your first-party data or a contextual play with off-the-shelf inventory or Native Curated Package, LiveIntent has the tools you need to get ahead of the competition. With the the Big Game only a month away, now is the time to engage with a high-value addressable audience.