How advertisers and agencies can improve operational efficiency with Audience Manager

We’ve all been there before. You want to run an advertising campaign targeting your ideal audience, but there are endless options and platforms to discover, onboard, build, and activate those audiences. Not to mention that there are several different IDs to define a user — cookies, MAIDs, or the latest universal ID — and many of them don’t talk to each other without some technology layer in between to do the matching.

As an advertiser, you’ve probably got lots to keep you up at night, but audience targeting shouldn’t be one of them. You simply want to use your first-party data to quickly and easily market to your customers without fear of losing data as a result of being passed around from platform to platform.

Enter Audience Manager

In 2021 we released a tool called Audience Manager so advertisers like you can leverage your own first-party data in light of the third-party cookie deprecation. Whether targeting site visitors, lapsed customers, or a lookalike of your most loyal purchasers, Audience Manager is your one-stop shop to help you build those audiences to suit your email advertising needs.

We built Audience Manager to address several major pain points:

  • The platform is easy to use and gets the job done quickly. No training is required, and there are no unnecessary or complicated features.
  • Audience Manager can securely onboard raw email addresses with match rates of 60-70%. This means no middleman is required to hash or convert your data before uploading it to our platform.
  • With Audience Manager, you can view the size of your audience and its match rate against our exchange. This insight is crucial to making smart decisions about how much budget your campaign requires based on the addressability of your audience, which can often be hard to gauge with platforms not connected to the activation channel.
  • Segmentation is simple. While you can build three different audience types to satisfy use cases for every stage of the marketing funnel, each audience can be built in five steps or less.

Create audiences for every situation

Let’s dive into that last bullet a little more. It’s true that Audience Manager is easy to use and can save you time. But it’s also a powerful tool for building different audience solutions that can be targeted or suppressed across campaigns.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are audience segments that you can create from a customer list from your CRM or other data warehouses. Custom Audiences have several use cases ranging from customer acquisition, retention, and re-engagement.

If your goal is to reach entirely new audiences who are not yet customers, then you can use Custom Audiences to suppress your existing customers across your campaigns so your budget is focused on only targeting new customers.

If your goal is to encourage a recurring purchase or sell additional products to your existing customers, leveraging Custom Audiences can help you refine your targeting and drive retention.

Lastly, Custom Audiences are a powerful solution for reaching lapsed customers. You can create a Custom Audience with that segment and target them with special promotions that encourage them to re-engage.

Once you go through the three easy steps to upload a Custom Audience, you can take a deeper dive into the details of each of the audiences to understand its history — like what updates were made and when. This means no more second-guessing if you’ve refreshed your customer list this month!

Dynamic Audiences

Dynamic Audiences give marketers extensive control and flexibility in engaging and connecting with their audiences across the entire funnel. First, with a simple site-retargeting strategy, you can ensure that anyone who visits your website is retargeted to help drive engagement at the very top of the marketing funnel.

Dynamic Audiences can also help you capitalize on those potential customers who have expressed explicit interest in and desire for your products and services. For example, if you are a cosmetics brand, you can create Dynamic Audiences based on a specific landing page URL featuring a new line of lipstick.

Finally, with an event tag on your Add to Cart page, you can retarget those audiences who placed items into their cart but didn’t follow through with a purchase. This is a powerful tool for reaching those who have expressed a strong desire for your products and might be further down the marketing funnel.

In the creation workflow of Audience Manager, you can choose the URLs or events from which you’d like to build an audience. Work with your account manager to ensure you have the LiveConnect tag placed on every page of your website.

Lookalike Audiences

Last, but certainly not least, Lookalike Audiences is LiveIntent’s lookalike modeling solution that helps marketers reach and acquire new customers with precision targeting. A lookalike audience is an audience of new potential customers who have yet to purchase with your brand but are likely customers based on attributes shared with your best customers.

LiveIntent Lookalike Audiences are built from a seed of your first-party customer data. To ensure you build a valuable Lookalike Audience from your seed audience, we suggest using a group for your seed that represents your model customers — people you want to find more of! These can be folks that have taken actions that sit high up in your funnel, like those who sign up for offers, or actions further down the funnel, like your loyal shoppers, frequent purchasers, or those with high order values. With Audience Manager, you can simply create a Lookalike by selecting a seed audience that was previously onboarded and choosing how large and how similar to that seed you’d like it to be.

Audience Manager is a busy marketer’s best friend

With Audience Manager, you can get tasks done quickly, efficiently, and with complete transparency. Gone are the days of using a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to send audience files, paying for hashing services, and waiting for confirmation emails.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage Audience Manager to create unique audiences that drive campaign success? Feel free to contact us at: [email protected].