Google commits to 2024 deadline. Future proof your business now.

Google has announced that it will continue with its plan to deprecate third-party cookies for the second half of 2024.

Deprecating third-party cookies

While changes are challenging in the ecosystem, LiveIntent is proud that the solution we’ve developed through years of research, testing and implementation is ready now to support Publishers and Brands in taking charge of their own future.

Our solution, designed to thrive in a post-third party cookie deprecated world, is an addressability framework powered by email, the original channel built on consent, that respects a user’s preferences.

  1. Addressable: Our solution brings the addressability of logged-in environments like the walled gardens and the email channel to the open web. The walled gardens have proven that Identity (which enables addressability) makes inventory more valuable, and LiveIntent is committed to the success of our partners by bringing that value to them.
  2. Interoperable: In a world of proliferating and competing Identity Solutions, ours is differentiated for having interoperability at its core. We know that every company has their own preferred ID. Our solution works with everyone’s proprietary approach.

Our approach is not a workaround. Email is already a trusted channel for customer relationship management and marketing automation, which sit at the heart of marketing. Thousands of publishers rely on LiveIntent to monetize their first-party email inventory, and LiveIntent is seamlessly bringing that expertise to first-party inventory beyond email (native, mobile, web, apps, video, etc). 

In our research and interviews with our clients, we received a resounding message: Publishers and Brands want a way to connect their first-party and third-party data to the ecosystem using media assets they already own and control. That’s what we do.

We give publishers a choice to pick and choose identifiers they want to send to their demand side and save on latency by being the only code you need on page to populate all the identifiers. As an identity provider, we collaborate heavily with several SSPs and DSPs to bring in the demand to our publishers irrespective of the identifiers they choose to use. We are the third largest Identity provider whose identifiers get picked up and are sent to demand partners 65% of the time and the solution is backed by a large identity graph that covers the US addressable population and is constantly powered by authenticated email opens and clicks.

In terms of scale, we are able to unlock 60-85% addressability for non-logged in site visitors across the open web. 

LiveIntent’s solution is simple and puts the publisher in control. We partner with you to make it easy to adopt, customize to your use cases and seamlessly integrate with existing proprietary Identity solutions you have built.