Full-funnel customer acquisition with LiveIntent

With more than 4.6 billion active internet users worldwide — and more sophisticated data for identifying web users than ever before — there is no excuse not to have a full marketing funnel in 2021.

The success of every brand is intrinsically linked to reaching the right audience at the right moment in their customer journey. Think about how your customers are engaging with your brand from awareness to conversion and how you can continue to nurture those relationships. Of course, it’s important to consider those who are somewhere outside or parallel to the traditional funnel, like those lapsed or disengaged customers. Knowing when and how to re-engage them is also a critical component to ensuring brand success.

If that sounds like a lot to focus on, here’s something you’ll be happy to hear: it’s never been easier to drive full-funnel customer acquisition or serve up hyper-relevant content on an individual level, whether you’re an established global brand or just getting started. In fact, LiveIntent’s suite of tools helps marketers of all sizes and experience levels see results almost immediately.

Audience Manager

Not every impression is created equal. That’s why LiveIntent’s Audience Manager allows advertisers to onboard their first-party customer data, set rules for dynamic audiences, and even create lookalike audiences.

Even better, email addresses can be uploaded in plain-text form, directly from your CRM, order system, or another database, and are then hashed to ensure total security. This convenient feature eliminates the need for a separate hashing program and is a favorite feature of many of our partners.

Here is an overview of the latest and greatest ways to ensure your message reaches exactly the right audience with exactly the right message at exactly the right time with our Audience Manager’s three types of audiences.

Custom Audiences

Audience Manager’s Custom Audiences tool makes it a breeze to target known customers in different parts of the customer journey with different messages. Want to suppress ads to your existing customers in order to reach entirely new customers? No problem. Want to reach existing customers with a product that complements their recent purchase? Easy. Want to show one ad to highly engaged customers or reward members, and another to people who haven’t purchased with you in six months or more? Great idea.

You better believe Custom Audiences can do all of that and more… in fact, that’s the kind of thing we go crazy for. The ability to create multiple unique lists of contacts based on whatever criteria you choose puts you in total control of who sees what, where, and when.

Dynamic Audiences

Don’t have every prospect’s email address? Don’t worry! While directly acquiring email addresses should always be a goal, Dynamic Audiences is the tool within Audience Manager that allows marketers to retarget site or app visitors, thanks to the LiveConnect tag.

The Dynamic Audiences tool allows users to retarget an ever-changing universe of highly-targeted, uber-qualified leads based on one or more filters. And, because dynamic lists are always changing, you can rest assured that new leads are always coming into the funnel. For instance, if the parameters you set specify to re-target anyone who’s opened your app in the past seven days, users who engaged with your app on the first day will fall out on day number eight, unless they’re active in the app again.

Once you set the parameters, there’s nothing more for you to do. Well, except for maybe enjoying a well-deserved long lunch break knowing that you’ve got your full-funnel customer acquisition strategy on lock.

Lookalike Audiences

Last but not least, Lookalike Audiences are one of the most powerful (and, to be honest, the most fun) features in Audience Manager. Advertisers can upload seed lists of customers, either from their CRM or another database, that represents your best customers. This could be a group of frequent purchasers, those with high order values, you name it! Our best-practice recommendation is to use at least 100,000 customers, although smaller seed lists can also be used.

Next, our proprietary modeling algorithm looks at 350 predictive attributes to score your seed audience against things like age, gender, device, and other important traits and behaviors to find the best potential target audience from more than 200 million unique internet users. The resulting Lookalike Audience represents a group of completely new customers who look and behave similarly to your best customers and therefore are more likely to want to purchase with you.

Your Lookalike Audiences will account for anywhere from 1% to 10% of LiveIntent’s total addressable audience. The smaller the audience, the more attributes they’ll have in common with your seed list. Many partners like to create multiple Lookalike Audiences at the same time against the same seed list. For example, maybe one audience represents 1% of LiveIntent’s universe but is most similar to the seed list, and the other audience represents 10% of LiveIntent’s universe but is least similar to the seed list.

This gives you an opportunity to test out different types of Lookalike Audiences to see what performs best against your goals. So, play around with it. Have fun, and let our 350-point algorithm do the rest.

Building connections

In today’s dynamic, always-connected, instant-everything world, successful marketing is all about maximizing each moment. Your prospects are exposed to thousands of brand messages every day. Those that don’t cut through the noise will almost certainly fall flat. A first-party, people-based marketing strategy isn’t just nice to have… it’s a must. Showing prospects that you care enough to serve them relevant, timely content engages the prospect in a way that says, “You matter to our brand. Let’s connect.”

The best part about Audience Manager is you don’t have to choose only one option above. You can mix and match or go for all of the above! The beauty of creating Custom, Dynamic, and Lookalike Audiences is that you’ll reach completely different audiences with exactly the right message. Be strategic in the way you cultivate and manage your audience and you will always have a funnel filled with highly-qualified prospects eager to give your brand a chance.