Get a cleaner inbox in 4 steps

Publishers and advertisers should always strive to keep their email lists clean to improve consumer experiences and meet their campaign goals. Now, however, they have even more incentive to optimize their email operations thanks to new sending requirements from Google and Yahoo.

In an effort to create a “safer, less spammy inbox,” businesses that send more than 5,000 emails per month must now meet certain criteria or risk getting sent directly to the spam folder. These criteria include fully authenticating your email, offering one-click unsubscribe options, and keeping your spam rate below 0.3%.

Cleaner inbox

Businesses that don’t adhere to these guidelines risk missing out on valuable engagement and revenue.

So, how can you be sure you’re reaching customers directly in their inbox? Here’s how LiveIntent can help marketers and publishers comply with these new email laws:

1. Weed out the spam traps

First, practice good data hygiene by maintaining a pristine email subscriber list. LiveIntent helps you do this by weeding out the spam traps, bots, and honeypots.

We get it. Spam happens. Businesses collect email addresses from many sources, like website forms, social platforms, surveys, and apps. And even once-valid emails can be abandoned or repurposed. That’s why it’s important to have the tools in place to identify and remove that unwanted data in order to keep your list clean. LiveIntent is your dedicated partner on this.

2. Score your email list

Next, score your email list by identifying users with the highest likelihood of re-engagement — whether they’re on your dormant list or active list. At LiveIntent, we created our own email reactivation solution solely for this purpose, backed by the power of our proprietary identity graph and data science.

Once you’ve singled out these high-potential users, you can target them with personalized messaging to keep them active. This way, you don’t end up in their spam folder due to lack of engagement.

3. Personalize your content

Get insights into users’ demographics and interest-based attributes so you can reach them with content they care about. At LiveIntent, we tap into our network of over 200 million unique readers across 2,000 premium publishers to help you get in front of the right audiences with the right messaging. With our People-Based Audiences, advertisers can leverage their data to reach and engage high-value customers directly in their inbox.

4. Offer an unsubscribe option

Make sure you provide an easy opt-out solution for people who no longer want to interact with your brand. Meaning, you should make your “unsubscribe” button or link clearly visible in your email header.

Once users click, they should immediately be removed from your list instead of being asked to complete extra steps like providing feedback or confirming their decision. According to Google and Yahoo’s new guidelines, senders must also remove any unsubscribed emails from their lists within two days.

Publishers and advertisers on the LiveIntent platform are now required to adhere to these standards before sending bulk emails to their audiences.

Don’t get caught in the spam folder

Taking the above measures will help marketers safely deliver the right message to the right audiences and keep their email data clean — all while meeting Google and Yahoo’s new guidelines.

These email strategies aren’t just requirements, either. They’re simply good business decisions. Eliminating spam traps, personalizing messages, and reactivating dormant users can help you enhance customer experiences and boost your ROI.

Learn more about achieving your email goals with LiveIntent.