Amobee integrates with LiveIntent, adding email to advertisers’ media plans

As marketers lobby for visibility in digital media, email newsletters present an opportunity in a much less crowded space to showcase their brand alongside premium content from reputable publishers.

Amobee has integrated with LiveIntent to help marketers expand their reach in fraud-free email newsletter inventory – a channel that has seen a boost in engagement over the last year. LiveIntent’s exchange gives Amobee’s customers exclusive access to ad inventory in the email newsletters of 2000+ premium publishing brands, serving ads to a 100% logged-in audience of over 200 million active readers per month.

Unlike websites with full-page takeovers, there is no noise in a newsletter. Publishers work with LiveIntent to curate unobtrusive advertising experiences that seamlessly blend with their newsletter content, delivering better visibility and performance to marketers.

“When you’re in your inbox, it’s you and the content that you’ve asked to be sent to you. You are much more engaged at that point, and for marketers, the chance to grab the attention of a focused reader is valuable.”

– Kerel Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer at LiveIntent

Amobee’s powerhouse clients, such as Kraft and Williams Sonoma, can now access email inventory in an open auction, private marketplaces, and contextual marketplaces curated by LiveIntent. For marketers seeking cost-effective acquisition channels, newsletters offer the ideal intersection of people-based targeting and highly visible ad placements.