5 tips for planning your 2020 holiday marketing strategies

This holiday shopping season isn’t going to look like any shopping season we’ve seen before. To prove yourself a top digital advertiser, you’ll need to think outside of the box. We’ve taken a look at some of the latest consumer behaviors and expert predictions to assemble five tips for planning your 2020 holiday marketing strategies.

Tip #1 – Lend shoppers a hand with Gift Guides

Despite the advances in technology designed to make our lives easier, people feel like they are busier. Most consumers don’t have the time or mental energy to try and find the perfect gift for each person on their list. Offering up some gift inspiration could be just the ticket to winning these shoppers over. In fact, 52% of shoppers say that at least half of their purchases are influenced by convenience.

Gift guides are a great way to drive gift-seeking shoppers to your website. According to Google Trends, searches for gift guides start to pick up each year in early November and peak around mid-December. 

Here are a few unique ideas to help you stand out from the pack: 

  • Gifts for sustainable or ethical shoppers.
  • Compile a list of experiential gift ideas that will give people the chance to try something new.
  • Gift ideas for working parents with kids at home.
  • Gift ideas for readers who are running out of books during the quarantine.
  • Gift ideas for people who’ve recently become plant parents.

Tip #2 – Tease your holiday promos early

This year’s holiday shopping frenzy kicks off early with Prime Day in October. Let your audience know when your holiday specials will be available and consider giving loyal customers first dibs on sweet deals. 

According to a survey by Retail Touchpoints, 87% of consumers say that a discount offer will most strongly motivate them to complete a digital purchase, followed closely by a loyalty program offer (62%).

Use email to drum up interest for your holiday promotions and retarget shoppers as offers become available. Consider pairing your email campaign with holiday-themed Instagram stories to keep customers excited about what’s coming their way.

Whatever promotion you choose to run this year, avoid creating a sense of false urgency. Online shoppers are accustomed to finding the best deals, and the holiday season is known for its endless sales events. Make sure your offers give shoppers a compelling reason to buy now

Tip #3 – Get down with OFP (Order for Pickup) 

eMarketer predicts that while total US retail spending will decline this year, eCommerce will reach an all-time high of nearly 20% of all retail sales.

Ordering online for in-store pickup is a convenient way for people to spend as little time as possible in crowded stores and avoid shipping delays. According to Rakuten, the typical holiday season sees 21% of consumers leveraging an Order for Pickup option. We all know this season is going to be anything but ordinary.

Before the holiday has even arrived, 23.1% of online shoppers are already using Order for Pickup to maintain social distancing guidelines. eMarketer predicts that Order for Pickup eCommerce will grow 60% YoY, reaching $58.52 billion in December 2020.

Over 60% of first-time Order for Pickup customers come from households with an income of less than $75,000. Rakuten believes this reflects an influx of younger Gen Z (18-24) and Boomers (65+) beginning to use Order for Pickup. Are you prepared to win their business?

Tip #4 – Show how much you care about connecting with people

In 2019, Adobe conducted a research report of more than 2,000 consumers. Their results showed that 66% of Black Americans and 53% of Latinx and Hispanic Americans feel they’re portrayed stereotypically in advertisements. That presents a challenge, considering that 38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that do a good job showing diversity in their ads.

Understanding your customers on a personal level will help you connect with them in their homes. First, make it a priority for everyone on your team to get an intimate understanding of your customers with insights. Then, empower a diverse group of people to reflect different communities in your products, brand, and marketing. Lastly, keep it authentic. Hire actors or models across all walks of life to use your products in real-life situations to help people see how your brand can fit into their everyday lives. 

Tip #5: Remarketing is vital during the holiday season

Only 4% of website visitors are ready to make a purchase, meaning that 96% of website visitors haven’t decided if they want to buy from you yet

You know how it goes. One minute you’re comparing wireless headphone models. Next thing you know, you’ve gone down a rabbit hole to learn how the decibel levels of a rock ‘n roll concert compare to those of a lawnmower. 

Remarketing can be just the reminder digital consumers need to make a decision while they’re researching options across the web. Choose the channels you want to leverage, and set up your retargeting strategies with a partner that can help you leverage your first-party data.

The holidays are the time to put all of the insights you’ve uncovered about your customers throughout the year to good use. With a bit of planning and these quick tips, we hope you see great success this holiday shopping season!

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