The Farmer’s Dog includes email acquisition strategy to decrease purchase CPA

  • 23% lower CPA

  • 8% increase in email-to-conversion rate




Email Acquisition


Co-founder Brett Podolsky was struggling to solve the stomach issues of his dog, Jada. After testing every pet food on the market without success, Brett tried a fresh, home-cooked diet at his vet’s recommendation. The results were staggering – Jada was cured. Having witnessed first-hand the power of fresh food, he teamed up with Jonathan Regev to rethink the pet food industry from the ground-up and create the simple, healthy product they wished had existed for their own dogs (and dogs everywhere!).

The Farmer’s Dog is a service that delivers real, preservative-free, fresh food that’s safe enough for humans to eat but that’s nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs.


The Farmer’s Dog approached LiveIntent looking for a new channel where they could diversify their media spend and drive incremental revenue from new customers to continue growing their business.


The Farmer’s Dog launched their first campaign with LiveIntent in Q4 of 2019, optimizing to a purchase event that involved creating and purchasing a personalized dog food plan. Due to a longer path to purchase, they originally did not see the efficiency they needed.

As the first campaign did not meet performance goals, the LiveIntent account team went back to the drawing board and found a new approach that would drive significant conversions. Instead of optimizing straight to a purchase event, the new campaign included a crucial first step higher up the funnel: encouraging email sign-ups and in-session purchases by offering a discount code that is automatically applied at checkout. Any customers who did not convert within the same session were added to The Farmer’s Dog’s own email marketing campaigns. Not only was LiveIntent able to drive a lower purchase CPA than with the original campaign, but the campaign drove incremental audiences to The Farmer’s Dog’s website, fueling retargeting strategies across all channels.


The LiveIntent account team was committed to driving success for The Farmer’s Dog. By updating the strategy and providing trust and communication along the way, LiveIntent was able to exceed expectations. Through an email acquisition campaign with LiveIntent, The Farmer’s Dog saw three major benefits:

  • Acquired new customers found outside of existing marketing channels.
  • Learned more about their customers’ interests and purchase behaviors.
  • Built up a CRM to test different email marketing strategies against scalable audience segments.

In addition to these successes, LiveIntent was also able to increase their email-to-conversion rate by 8% and achieve a purchase CPA that was 23% under goal.

“We’re pleased by the results we’ve seen from LiveIntent. They found a way to drive qualified leads at scale, allowing us to capture email sign-ups and encourage interested dog lovers to find a fresh food plan that works for them.”

Skylar Ganz, Acquisition Manager, Partnerships

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